19080 icelandic music playlist

Icelandic 80s music playlist

Be prepared for gratuitous amounts of saxophone, side ponytail, synth and lycra, gated drum reverb and piano-backed ballads with too much eyeliner; we bring you the ultimate Icelandic 80s music playlist. ... Read more ➞

Who are The Vintage Caravan?

Last Saturday at Gaukurinn bar, we caught The Vintage Caravan play a fantastic final show before heading off for the second part of their European Gateways tour. So what’s the story behind what is currently Ice... Read more ➞

Trapped | Playlist

The second season of the popular Icelandic TV show Trapped is currently airing two episodes at a time on Saturdays on BBC Four. We’ve compiled a playlist of music by actors who appeared in the second season of ... Read more ➞