Reykjavík City will in the next few years acquire a brand new landmark, three heated domes, the largest of which will be the size of a football field, where bananas can be grown.  

The name of the project is ALDIN Biodome and will, according to the company Spor í sandinn, be a ‘year-round tropical paradise in the Arctic’. A space intended for the inhabitants of Reykjavík to escape the concrete jungle of the city into an indoor jungle. 

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Spor í sandinn is an Icelandic company which is focused on developing sustainable business concepts in conjunction with community needs. This will be the company’s first big project.


Tropical paradise inside domes. Photo Credit: WilkinsonEyre Architects.

The ALDIN Biodome development has been allocated space in Stekkjabakki in the Breiðholt neighbourhood of Reykjavík. The lot is adjacent to Elliðaárdalur Valley, which is a popular outdoor recreation area for the inhabitants of Reykjavík.

The biodomes will be heated using Iceland’s abundant geothermal energy. The heating will create conditions where Icelanders will be able to grow plants which otherwise would not be able to survive in the country — for example, fruit such as bananas.

banana tree

These bananas live in Hawaii, soon their cousins will live in Iceland. Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Keith Pomakis.

In addition to growing exotic foods, the domes will have restaurants and cafés which will utilize those foods as ingredients, a marketplace, spaces for people to work, teaching spaces and areas for locals and visitors to enjoy themselves in a warmer climate. 

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Spor í sandinn’s founder Hjördís Sigurðardóttir is a Landscape Architect with a background as a Food Scientist and her vision for the project is to contribute to a more balanced life for the people of Reykjavík. Studies have shown that a connection with nature, which ALDIN Biodomes provides, relieves human beings of stress.


The biodomes will be a sight to see. Photo Credit: WilkinsonEyre Architects.

The project has been underway for four years and has now secured permits from the city of Reykjavík. The project is not yet fully financed but already has some sponsors helping towards the 37 million dollar estimated budget, half of which is already secured by a loan.

The area’s three different sized biodomes, each intended for a different purpose, is set to open in 2021. We look forward to having a tropical climate available in Breiðholt, which is much more conveniently located than Tenerife.

Keep up with this exciting project on Spor í sandinn’s website.