It’s such a perfect day, I thought I’d spend it with you, Lou Reed sang in 1972. A perfect day in Reykjavík has little to do with what Reed was singing about, but spending a day in Reykjavík with those you care about the most is about as close to perfection as you can get.

This list of activities is a foolproof way to have a nice day in Reykjavík. However, if something on the list doesn’t float your boat there are hundreds of other things to do in the City. For inspiration check out our article on what to do with kids in the Reykjavík area, link below.

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Brauð & Co shop window. Photo: Brauð&co Facebook.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for a good day you need a good breakfast. There are dozens of great bakeries in Reykjavík, for example, Brauð & Co. which is known for having the best sourdough bread in the city.

If the weather allows you should get your baked goods to-go, find a nice place to sit outside and enjoy. For example on Austurvöllur, the little park in front of Alþingishúsið the home of the Icelandic Parliament.



A street in Reykjavík. Photo: Reykjavíkurborg Facebook.

There are more activities available in Reykjavík than could fit in one article. However, the best way to enjoy a city is to wander around and discover its hidden gems by chance.

Flânerie is a French word which means to wander aimlessly around and observe society. A leisurely stroll around downtown Reykjavík is a wonderful way to spend a morning. You can lose track of time walking down curious alleys and small winding streets lined with cute houses.



Photo: Arnar Freyr Tómasson

Getting lost in downtown Reykjavík is impossible since the signature landmark of the area is visible from nearly everywhere. Hallgrímskirkja church’s tower is an impressive structure, standing at 73 metres (240 feet) tall.

We recommend you take the time to go to the top of the tower for a beautiful panoramic view of the City. This is where you’ll get that Instagram worthy shot to let all your friends you’re spending the perfect day in Reykjavík.



The food hall. Photo: Grandi – Mathöll Facebook.

Grandi is an area worth exploring. For example, you could visit the Whales of Iceland exhibition before paying a visit to the Grandi Food Hall for dinner. The Food Hall has multiple food vendors so everyone can find something to suit their tastes.

No visit to Grandi is complete without a stop at the Ice Cream Shop Valdís. Icelanders take their Ice Cream very seriously and Valdís is a local favourite. They have endless exciting flavours of scoops and always have vegan options.


Photo: Secret Cellar Facebook.

Iceland’s first and only comedy club, The Secret Cellar, hosts events in English every night of the week. Sometimes there’s both comedy and karaoke, which is a recipe for a perfect night if we ever heard one.



Photo: Prikið Facebook.

toA night out is the perfect end to the perfect day and Reykjavík nightlife is an experience not to be missed while you’re here. Especially if you’re stopping in the city during the weekend.

Icelanders are notorious party animals so you’ll have to try to keep up. To find a bar which suits your preferences, see our guide to Reykjavík nightlife, below.

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