Summer has officially arrived in Iceland. Although the weather is still unpredictable in May, now is the perfect time to put on some classic Icelandic summer songs. We’ve compiled a playlist of the hottest sunshine tunes to get you in the summer mood.

It’s been over a week since we celebrated the First Day of Summer here in Iceland. This year the First Day of Summer was a beautiful, sunny day, unlike many previous years. 

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This week has brought the inhabitants of this Nordic island a fair few sunny days, giving us a coveted taste of summer. The nice weather is the perfect excuse to bust out a playlist of catchy, feel-good pop tunes.

Most Icelanders celebrate any good weather day by barbecuing and maybe having a few beverages along with the grilled food. Having a few is coincidentally what’s being celebrated in the song “Allir eru að fá sér” (English: Everyone is having some) by the rap collective XXX Rottweiler hundar featuring legendary crooner Ragnar Bjarnason.


Þjóðhátíð in the Westman Islands. Photo: Festivals_Iceland Instagram.

For many people, Icelandic summer is synonymous with attending outdoor festivals. The most famous being Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum in the Westman Islands, which thousands attend each year on the weekend before the first Monday in August. The band Greifarnir sing about an outdoor festival in their song “Útihátíð”.

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The penultimate song on the playlist was released on Spotify today! We’re betting that “Komið þér sælar” by Jón Jónson will be one of this summer’s biggest hits. It has everything a summer hit needs; upbeat music, lyrics about love, a catchy hook and sugar-sweet vocals. Jón sings “I’ve got you on the brain”, and we’ll have this song in our brain all week.

With any luck, shorts weather is just around the corner in Iceland. In the meantime, this playlist will put summer in your heart and a pep in your step.