Tuesdays may just be another working day when you are at home, but on a vacation in Iceland, there are a wealth of things on offer that promise to make the day that much more special.

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Firstly, it is a great time to get out into the nature. Many guests coming to Iceland do so just for a long weekend, so will have left the day before; tours such as sightseeing around the Golden Circle or South Coast, or adventures such as snowmobiling, snorkelling and glacier hiking, are thus usually less busy, so long as you are not travelling during peak tourist months.

This means you’ll get a more personalised experience with your local guide, won’t need to think about the worries of guests, and can enjoy a more intimate connection with the natural sites you see.

Credit: Viðey Island

The same applies for activities you may take in Reykjavík. Whether you seek to explore the museums and galleries, visit natural sites such as Viðey Island, or sightsee around the architectural landmarks, you’ll find them considerably less busy on a Tuesday with the locals largely at work and the weekend travellers having left.

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Though the nightlife scene isn’t quite as wild as it is on the weekends, with most venues closing at midnight, there will still be of people about looking for to have a drink and a dance, most following the Happy Hours with the app Appy Hour. The most popular event of the night is the live jazz show at Kex Hostel; even those who aren’t great fans of the genre will enjoy the chilled out atmosphere and inviting nature of the patrons.

For a slightly more intimate way to get to know new people, you could head to the bar and hostel Hlemmur Square for a two-and-a-half-hour long tango lesson, starting at 20.30.

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