Aside from seeing in the first official day of summer in Iceland, just what have the locals been talking about this week? Read on for the latest news from Iceland.

Sir David Attenborough in Iceland

Credit: David Attenborough Facebook

Revered naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, was in Iceland this week, though exactly what he was up to is currently unknown.

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Rumour has it that he is working on a new project with the Icelandic production company, True North, as confirmed by a member of Attenborough’s own team. Unfortunately, said employee did not let on to any details regarding this new project.

Attenborough’s latest series, Our Planet, has been making quite the splash on Netflix with its stunning visuals and stark warning as to the threats that currently face our world due to human-driven climate change.

Given Iceland’s staggering nature and unique cultural sights, there is an excellent chance we may spot some recognisable scenery in Attenborough’s mystery project. We wait with bated breath.

Icelandic Movie at the Cannes Film Festival


RUV reports that the Icelandic film A White, White Day—the latest effort by director and screenwriter, Hlynur Pálmason—will have its premiere at Cannes Film Festival this May.

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The film stars Ingvar E. Sigurðsson—best known to foreign audiences as Ásgeir from the Baltasar Kormákur series, Trapped—and the young newcomer, Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir.

The plot follows Ingimundur, a police chief left grief-stricken after the death of his wife. Struggling to cope with this new reality, Ingimundur begins constructing a house for his daughter and grandchild, only to be distracted by a man he believes was having an affair with his wife. These suspicions lead Ingimundur down an ever more dangerous and radical path, an obsession sure to delight fans of international cinema.

A White, White Day is Hlynur Pálmason’s second film. His first, Winter Brothers, was released in 2017, winning the Bodil Award for Best Danish Film.

New Budget Airline In The Works

Credit: Pexels

A new budget airline is currently being set up by the owner of Stracta Hotels, Hreiðar Hermannsson, who is looking to fill the gap since WOW Air’s bankruptcy earlier this year.

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While Hreiðar has not gone into details as to who is helping him behind the project, he did indicate that many ex-employees of WOW Air are bringing their expertise to the project. Former CEO of WOW Air, Skúli Mogensen, will not be involved, however.

As for the proposed name, ‘Air Strata’, Hreiðar states “Many people wonder why I chose it, but it is a Latin word and very good to say it in all tongues. The name means success, and since I have used it, it has worked well.” As investors are attracted towards the project, it is likely this name will change.

Given the recent misfortunes of WOW Air, it seems budget airlines in Iceland need all the success they can get.

Skyr Cheaper in the UK than Iceland

The famous Icelandic food product, Skyr, is cheaper to purchase in the United Kingdom than here at home, as reported by the broadcaster, RUV. According to Sunna Gunnars Marteinsdóttir, Information Officer for the Icelandic Milk Company, this discrepancy is because UK-sold Skyr is produced in Denmark, rather than Iceland.

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Whereas a pot of Skyr will cost 99 pence, or 155 krónur, in UK supermarkets, Icelanders have to pay between 160 to 309 krónur for the same product.

A fresh sour milk cheese that is consumed like a yoghurt, Skyr has been a popular choice in Iceland for centuries. It is even mentioned in ancient sources, including Egil’s Saga and Grettis Saga, justly proving its enduring popularity on this island.