This Thursday 25th April marks the first day of the summer season in Iceland, a date typically marred by rainy, winter-like weather and a healthy dose of irony. This year is set to overturn expectations with weather forecasts predicting sunshine and high temperatures across the country.

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Given last year’s failed attempt at summer, it’s only natural that many Icelanders have surrendered to the idea that the next few months will be characterised by rains, winds and storm clouds. However, this stoic prediction may be premature if recent weather forecasts are to be believed.

It is expected that tomorrow morning’s weather will, at first, resemble today’s charm-free conditions; drizzly rain, thick grey clouds and stubborn gusts. By noon, however, locals and guests alike will delight as the sun breaches the cloud cover, bringing with it temperatures of up to 15 degrees Celsius.

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Guests visiting Iceland tomorrow can expect a festive atmosphere. The patios and sidewalks of the capital, Reykjavík, will likely be packed with sun-soaked revellers, the streets a flurry with sallow-skinned people breathing in the sites, absorbing Vitamin D and daring to wear a pair of knee-high shorts.

Arguably, Summer is the best time to go sightseeing in Iceland due to the long daylight hours. Photo: Geysir hot spring erupts on the Golden Circle sightseeing tour.

Those out discovering the Icelandic countryside will be even more blessed as this island’s most staggering attractions truly come alive under the glow of the summer sun.

The first day of summer has been celebrated in Iceland since 1971, held on the first Thursday after the 18th of April. The holiday is intended as a celebratory farewell to the dark, enduring nights of the winter, and as a greeting to longer daylight hours, springtime nature and the omnipotent Midnight Sun.

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