It’s Easter today! Which means Icelandic families will be opening up their chocolate Easter eggs and reading the proverb or saying they find inside. If you don’t happen to have an Icelandic Easter egg, we have a proverb for you to learn about right here: “Fall er fararheill.”

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“Fall er fararheill” directly translates to “A fall is a journey’s luck”.


Each of these has a proverb inside. Photo. Noi Sirius facebook.

A fall in this context refers to any failing, for example forgetting to pack something for the trip, getting a flat tire or over-sleeping. Or maybe literally tripping up while walking.

Icelanders believe that a small hiccup at the start of any journey, whether it be literal travelling, a school project or a business venture, is a sign of luck.

For example, if you were planning a trip to Iceland this summer and suddenly the airline you were planning to book your flights with ceased operations. That’s just a minor setback, there are other airlines available, and you’ve got good luck on your side now!


Icelanders decorate with daffodils for Easter. Photo: Nicolette Wells/Moment/Getty Images

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There are many superstitions in Iceland, although it’s questionable how much people actually believe in them. But sayings like this one help people keep an optimistic mindset when starting something.

There’s no use giving up when you fail a little bit at the start because it just means that you’ll have good luck for the rest of the time.

We hope this Easter brings you good luck and lots of chocolate.