Aldrei fór ég suður (“I Never Went South”), Iceland’s only Westfjords based music festival, will begin tomorrow, April 19th, drawing hundreds of music fans to the smoky landscapes of the northwest.

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Since 2004, I Never Went South has been held in the region’s largest town, Ísafjörður, home to approximately 3000 people. As the brainchild of Icelandic folk musician Mugison, the festival has become a highlight of the social calendar, offering performers a chance to gain exposure in a unique setting.

Ísafjörður is the capital of the Westfjords region. Wikimedia. Creative Commons. Credit: Aron ingi

Over the years, the festival has earned a reputation as being one of the country’s premier family events and has kept authentically Icelandic in its line-up and outlook. For one, there is no admission fee, and artists perform without payment. Instead, the festival is rooted in community values, asking nothing more than to showcase the very best of local talent.

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Added to the line-up is the year’s newly crowned winners of the Battle of the Bands, Blóðmör, named after blood pudding. These 16-18-year-old rockers from Kópavogur take inspiration from the Icelandic metal bands of the early eighties, in particular, HAM, best known for their driving riffs and raw vocals.

Blóðmör are this year’s winners of The Battle of the Bands. Credit: Músíktilraunir

Other acts scheduled to appear include the flame-tinted, psychedelic sensation Teitur Magnússon, rising hip-hop superstar JóiPé & Król and favourite headbangers, Mammút. You can see the full line-up in our article Icelandic Westfjords Free Music Festival Lineup Announced.

Across Easter, Ísafjörður will come alive with parties, gigs and art exhibitions, though as always, guests will need to take a flight or make the 5-6 hour drive from Reykjavik to attend. It is expected that the town’s population will double in size over the coming days, meaning that finding accommodation may present a challenge.

Are you planning on attending Aldrei fór ég suður (“I Never Went South”) this year? Have you been to the festival, or the Westfjords, before? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.