Today is Maudy Tuesday, and this is the second instalment of our introduction to Icelandic proverbs. Icelandic Easter eggs have proverbs inside them, a fun tradition. But what are some Icelandic proverbs? Read on to learn about the adage: “Aldrei er góð vísa of oft kveðin.”

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“Aldrei er góð vísa of oft kveðin” translates to something like “Never is a good verse too many times recited”. And this proverb is never recited too many times either.

This phrase is relatively common in everyday speech in Iceland. The saying is usually used right before the speaker says something which is common sense or repeats advice they’ve given before. So instead of a literal verse, they are talking about a phrase that bears repeating.


Icelandic Easter eggs. Photo: Noi Sirius facebook.

Sometimes people need to hear the same thing over and over again to process the information fully. Especially when it comes to moral lessons, they are hard to internalise upon first hearing them. This proverb is a good tip on how to memorise things.

The saying could also be taken literally to mean a poem or a song. Who isn’t familiar with playing the same favourite song over and over again. If something is good, it’s never repeated too many times. 

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In a metaphorical sense, eating an Easter egg is a verse which we find is never recited too many times. We could eat them all day, every day but we only get them once a year, at Easter, which is probably for the best.