The mighty northern waterfall, Dettifoss, was closed to tourists yesterday due to severe flooding. The meltwater has since formed a new 30-metre high waterfall at Jökulsárgljúfur, only a short distance away.

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This is not the first time that Dettifoss waterfall has been closed to visitors. In 2016, access to the site was shut due once again to the weather. The new waterfall reaches a height of 30 metres.

It is unlikely that the waterfall will last for more than a few days, making it unviable for many people to visit. Dettifoss, while still closed at the time of writing, is expected to reopen in the coming days.

Dettifoss is one of the major attractions on the 260 km Diamond Circle sightseeing route. Other sites include Europe’s whale watching capital, Húsavík, the horseshoe shaped canyon, Ásbyrgi, and the always beautiful Lake Mývatn.

Iceland’s Changing Nature

Dettifoss waterfall, as seen in the summer months.

However temporary, this new waterfall is still a testament to the ever-changing sculpture that is the Icelandic country.

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Iceland is a landscape of bubbling hot pools, moss-laden hillsides and sweeping fjords. New rivers, waterfalls and glacial tongues carve out their place in this country’s hidden, snow-blanketed valleys and its jet black shorelines and cliffsides are forever battered by the eroding forces of the ocean.

In short, Iceland is constantly transforming itself, making it an essential travel destination to visit again and again.

Skógafoss in Game of Thrones Season 8

Credit: Youtube.

Slightly off topic, but hawk-eyed viewers of Game of Thrones might have recognised the famous waterfall, Skógafoss, from episode 1 of Season 8, ‘Winterfell’.

Daenerys and Jon Snow land their dragons in front of this gem of the South Coast for a tender kiss, proving that Icelandic landmarks truly are the most romantic places on earth (—lest we forget Jon’s cosy time with Ygritte in Grjótagjá cave from Season 3, episode 4.)

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Which other Icelandic landmarks we will see in coming episodes is yet to be discovered, but with the army of the dead marching on Winterfell, we can surely expect some snow-covered Icelandic landscapes.

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