Twitter can be a wonderful place, and we especially like it when people use Twitter to say nice things about Iceland. Here’s a collection of our favourite tweets about our beautiful country.

The Japanese-American artist and activist Yoko Ono is a ‘friend of Iceland’, which is what Icelanders call any celebrity who’s visited the country. However, as you can see in the tweet below, the friendship is mutual.

Yoko is a big fan of Iceland’s nature and has used Viðey Island, just outside Reykjavík, as a place for one of her pieces of art, the Imagine Peace Tower.

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Yoko is not wrong about Iceland, it is full of still, undestroyed nature, but there is also epic nature. Like the landscape pictured in the below photo, taken on Iceland’s south coast. The tweeter remarks that Iceland in winter is unlike anything he’s ever seen, well, he should see Iceland in the spring…

…because it’s the same! As you can see in the next tweet, where an extremely unhelpful passenger films from inside a car as the driver clears snow off the windows.

Despite having been posted on April Fool’s Day, this tweet is not fooling; there was snowfall in Iceland at the beginning of April. Although springtime isn’t always this cold in Iceland, it’s best to be prepared for anything when visiting the land of ice and snow.

We want to make it clear that Iceland isn’t always covered in snow, the name of the country is a bit misleading. Like our foreign friends like to point out, Iceland is the green one.

This tweet likens Iceland to an oil painting, and we really enjoy that comparison. Forget ‘Starry Night’, ‘Icelandic Highlands’ is the next big thing in the world of oil paintings.

This tweeter’s question answers itself, and their video of Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and other south Iceland attractions is gorgeous. Guess what? It’s Iceland! The answer to all your troubles. 

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Some of Iceland’s natural wonders are less loved than others; well, it’s this one specific volcano which is in people’s bad books. Poor Eyjafjallajökull will never live down it’s one little eruption that stopped air travel almost a decade ago.

Iceland’s nature gets a lot of love on Twitter, but it’s also crucial to remember the wildlife and animals that make Iceland special. Of course, Twitter delivers.

For example, this very important dog tweet. Pictured is an Icelandic Sheep Dog who is, as you can tell, a very good boy indeed.  

If you’ve driven around Iceland, you’ve probably come across some sheep, roaming free, blocking the road, getting into trouble. The Icelandic Sheep are notorious creatures, but when it’s brushing time, this pampered Icelandic sheep is nothing but adorable.  


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No tangent about Icelandic animals would be complete without showing Iceland’s unique breed of horses some love. How could you not love these fuzzy little ponies?  

And who could forget the Arctic Puffin? Iceland is home to almost half of the world’s puffins. These ones seem to be dropping a hot mixtape. We don’t blame them, plus it’s the perfect time to get in on Iceland’s thriving hip hop scene.

Enough of animals, what have Iceland’s people been up to lately? Well, there was that little football tournament last summer. 

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Iceland’s match against England caused a bit of confusion on Twitter when fans of the Icelandic team accidentally tweeted at the UK supermarket by the same name.

Iceland Foods, Iceland Football, we get it, the first ten letters are the same. Luckily Iceland Foods corrected the error, and made this lovely photo to hype up the match, which Iceland (the country, not the supermarket) won!

The last, but certainly not the least, tweet is from Iceland’s own unofficial Twitter account. Posted on Iceland’s independence day, 17th of June, this paraphrasing of Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit song made us lol and love Iceland even more.