Most of the local populace may be reluctantly returning to work, but there are a wealth of activities on Mondays for foreign guests to enjoy. See below for our top recommendations for a Monday in Iceland.

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or, Reykjavik City Card | 24 Hours

Those interested in Iceland’s history, culture and art should be sure to check out the calendars of the local museums and galleries, as many of them have exhibitions that are featured on Mondays. By grabbing a 24-hour Reykjavík City Card, you will get free admission to the many such establishments, and considerable discounts on many more.

The City Cards also grant your free entry into the city’s pools, which, during the weekday, are considerably less busy than they are over weekends and in evenings. You’ll therefore be able to enjoy the hot tubs, slides and spas at Laugardalslaug pool, for example, without the crowds, whilst still having the opportunity to meet a few locals who aren’t at work.

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or, Reykjavik City Card | 48 Hours

If travelling with kids, you could head to the Family Park and Zoo nearby to see some examples of the animals that can be found around Iceland, such as reindeer, arctic foxes and seals.

Though a weekday, there are a wealth of things to do when the evening swings by on Monday. All guests should do their best to listen to some live music in Iceland, as it is such an integral part of the culture, and this can be done across the city. One of the city’s most popular bars, Húrra, hosts a jazz night on this evening, and for rock or rap artists, you’ll likely find luck at Dillon and Prikið respectively.

Those looking for a laugh should look no further than Gaukurinn, a metal bar that prides itself on its welcoming diverse atmosphere, as on Monday nights, the English-speaking comedy show Goldengang performs to a full audience of locals and tourists alike. For a cosy alternative experience, you can enjoy a board-game evening at both the cafe Stofan Kaffihús and the food hall Hlemmer Mathöll.

If you are looking to see a range of different establishments to get a wider view of Icelandic culture over Monday evening, be sure to download the Appy Hour app to get the best happy hours around town.

What are your top recommendations on how to spend a Monday in Iceland? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.