Hold the door! Finally, the first episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 8 is upon us. In celebration of the hours soon to be spent enjoying the series’ end, we have compiled some of the most highly recommended Game of Thrones tours in Iceland, perfect for your trip to this stark and ancient land.

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Why book a Game of Thrones tour in Iceland?

Remember, that most men would rather deny a hard truth than to face it. The reality here is that a Game of Thrones tour in Iceland will benefit your holiday in countless ways, showcasing the best landscapes that Iceland has to offer while taking you a step closer into the fantastical realm of Westeros.

Season 8 will be the final chapter for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Credit: Flickr. BagoGames.

Summer is coming, meaning there indeed is no better time to secure yourself a Game of Thrones in the land of ice and fire. Temperature weather, new activities and a sun-soaked population are all on the horizon, traded in for the Northern Lights, snow-blanketed fields and long, enduring nights.

While the night may not be dark, nor full of terrors—the Midnight Sun illuminates this island for nearly 24 hours a day—the coming months provide plenty of daylight hours in which to travel and appreciate Iceland’s most beloved sites. Whether you be a lone traveller, honeymooning or spending quality time with family, a Game of Thrones tour is sure to cement your trip to Iceland in your memories forever.

Game of Thrones Self Drive | Iceland in 10 days

For those with the time, this 10-day self-drive tour is the perfect chance to see it all, travelling through each of Iceland’s major regions on the hunt for stunning and unforgettable attractions.

Experience both Iceland and Westeros at your own pace, stopping at such incredible sites as Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon—”The Crown Jewel of Iceland”—and the country’s most photographed mountain, Kirkjufell  (“the Mountain like an Arrowhead”), found on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Click the link above for more information.

6 Day Summer Package | Game of Thrones Locations & Glacier Hike

See such fantastic sites as Reynisfjara black sand beach, Sölheimajökull glacier and Kirkjufell mountain—all of used as shooting locations in Game of Thrones—over 6 action-packed days. Aside from the major natural attractions, prepare to undertake your very own glacier hike, channelling the Night’s Watch as they traverse the sweeping terrain beyond the wall.

With daytime temperatures to match a Dornish summer, this package makes for an unforgettable journey for any Game of Thrones fan, immersing them in wild landscapes and villages untouched by time. Guests can enjoy a trip to the luxurious Blue Lagoon Spa, take a boat tour on a glacier lagoon and even try their hand at snorkelling or snowmobiling. Click the link above to learn more about this brilliant tour opportunity.

3 in 1 Bundle Discount Tours | Game of Thrones Locations: Golden Circle, South Coast & Myvatn

Designed for the budget traveller, this package manages to bundle in Iceland’s most popular sightseeing routes with the best-known shooting locations from Game of Thrones. Click the link above for more information.

As with the others, this tour will take you along the Golden Circle route, comprised of three of the country’s most beautiful attractions; Þingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. Þingvellir, where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates stand exposed from the earth, was used as the Bloody Gate in the Vale for seasons 3 and 4, as well as standing in for locations beyond the wall.

Private Jeep Tour | Game of Thrones Adventure

This particular tour stands out from the pack given the vehicle in question—a 4×4 Super Jeep—and the privacy that comes with it. Under the direction of an experienced and knowledgeable guide, you will learn a wealth of knowledge about each Game of Thrones location you visit, including little-known facts of which only the locals are aware.

Guests on this tour will pay a visit to Laxnes farm where they will have an opportunity to meet the iconic Icelandic horses—(some of which actually starred in Game of Thrones). You will also see Stöng, a preserved farmstead that stands in for Olly’s village south of the wall, as well as take a dip in Iceland’s oldest pool, The Secret Lagoon. Check out the link above for further information.

Final Thoughts for the Final Season

If still you are not satisfied with the options mentioned above, surrender your trust to me and my judgement. This is what I do; I drink, and I know things, while you… well, you know nothing. Be sure, however, that wherever you choose to explore in Iceland, you will forever be soaking in landscapes and panoramas taken straight from a fantasy.

For Game of Thrones fan, remember that if you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention. Those who have never seen the show, nor have any interest, should also be applauded. A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

What are your favourite locations in Iceland used as a shooting location for HBO’s Game of Thrones? Are you planning on booking a Game of Thrones tour this summer? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.