The news in Iceland this week has featured ancient caves, celebrities celebrating wedding vows and huge marine mammals travelling thousands of miles.

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Read on for the most curious news stories to crop up in Iceland over the last week.

The oldest man-made cave in Iceland discovered

A man-made cave has been discovered in Iceland.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Rú

Archaeologists have come across what appears to be the oldest man-made cave in Iceland. Discovered in Oddi, Rangárvellir last summer, the cave is thought to have been sealed off for the last 800-years.

Given the undisturbed nature of the site, archaeologists are optimistic that they will be able to recreate what life was like for the Icelanders that created and inhabited the cave in the 10th and 11th century AD.

A pretty new lighthouse in Reykjavík

The new lighthouse by Höfði house in Iceland.

Photo Credit: @kellyjordantravels

On the eastern side of Reykjavík harbour, close to the prestigious Höfði house, a brand new lighthouse has been erected. It is located on the busy road Sæbraut which also features scenic cycling and footpaths that follow the coastline.

It’s a popular route for many locals looking to get their daily dose of exercise, and now with the addition of this charming yellow structure, many visitors to Reykjavík will inevitably make some sort of Instagram pilgrimage there. #accidentallywesanderson

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Smartphone payment systems gain ground in Iceland

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The restaurant company, Lagardére Travel Retail, which operates cafés and restaurants at the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal at Keflavík airport, is planning to update their payment system to be inclusive of mobile app transactions. The Icelandic company Central Pay seeks to allow customers to pay via the smartphone apps WeChat and Alipay which are wildly popular in China.

Given the large number of Chinese visitors to Iceland, this will make many future transactions significantly easier as well as taking the lead of payment technologies in Iceland.

Iceland prepares to receive Beluga Whales

A beluga whale swimming.

Two trucks that will carry Little White and Little Grey, two rescued beluga whales from China, are being prepared for the pair’s arrival. The trucks are 13.6 metres long and they are being reinforced so that they can withstand the weight of the whales and their tanks.

The belugas are due to arrive on the 16th of April, having travelled over 6000-miles from their former home Changfeng Ocean World zoo in Shanghai China. Their new home will be the brand new whale sanctuary in the Westman Islands.

Neil Patrick Harris holidays in Iceland

Photo Credit: @nph

Broadway veteran and star of hit TV show How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris recently posted a snap of him and his husband enjoying a repose in the Blue Lagoon.

The pair came to Iceland to celebrate their anniversary of 15-years.

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