Reynisfjara is Iceland’s most famous beach, attracting thousands of visitors each year with its jet-black volcanic sands, unusual cliffside rock formations and the domineering basalt stacks, Reynisdrangar. See our photo gallery of Reynisfjara below.

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A staple attraction on sightseeing trips down Iceland’s South Coast, Reynisfjara is quite like any other beach on earth. Located beside Vík í Mýrdal village, the beach can be found approximately 180 kilometres from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík.

Observant fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones—of which the 8th and final season will be released tomorrow, April 14th—will recognise Reynisfjara as Eastwatch by the Sea, one of the abandoned forts stationed along Westeros’ huge ice wall.

One of the beach’s most beloved features is the basalt rock pillars, Reynisdrangar, which stand 66 metres, spiked and overbearing from the ocean. Known as the geological landmark of Vík í Mýrdal village, Reynisdrangar is just one of the reasons why Reynisfjara black sand beach was voted as one of the world’s most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world.

According to Icelandic folklore, Reynisdrangar is the frozen remains of two trolls who had waded out to sea in the hopes of catching a ship the previous evening. Under the protection of darkness, they grabbed the vessel by its mast and began to return to shore.

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However, their timing was entirely off, so as the sun slowly began to rise over the horizon, they found themselves petrified to stone. There they remain as a reminder to their kin not to venture outside during the daylight hours.

Signs on the beach inform visitors of the potential dangers present at Reynisfjara; sneaker waves commonly surge up the shoreline, threatening those who stand too close to the lapping water.

Regardless, Reynisfjara is one of Iceland’s most beautiful sites, providing insight into its volcanic underbelly and the harsh elements that have made island life so treacherous over the centuries.

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