Often coined as the “Hollywood Glacier”, Svínafellsjökull has been used as a shooting location for not just Game of Thrones, but also Interstellar (2014), Batman Begins (2005) and even Star Wars. See our stunning photo gallery of Svínafellsjökull ice cap below.

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Game of Thrones fans know all too well of the beauty, magic and danger that exists beyond the protection of Westeros’ enormous Ice Wall, built by the first men to keep out wildlings and, of course, the nightmarish White Walkers. For those of you have forgotten very important plot points—SPOILER AHEAD—the ice wall was partially destroyed in the finale of Season 7, allowing the Army of the Dead to march unopposed into Westeros.

As just one of the attractions in Skaftafell Nature Reserve, Svínafellsjökull measures 8 kilometres in length, with an average width of 800 metres. It is an outlet glacier from Öræfajökull, both the largest and highest active volcano in the country at 2110 metres. Despite its immense and ethereal beauty, Svínafellsjökull translates—somewhat unfortunately—to “Pig Mountain Glacier”.

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Alongside Sólheimajökull, Svínafellsjökull is one of the most popular ice caps in the country for glacier hiking, but is particularly renowned for its ice climbing opportunities. Interestingly enough, Svínafellsjökull cannot be entered for caving due to the dangers present there, even as one of the country’s smallest glaciers. 

If you are planning on a sightseeing trip or self-drive tour along Iceland’s picturesque South Coast, spending time at Svínafellsjökull is a true privilege. For more information, make sure to read our feature article: Glaciers in Iceland | Glacier Tours, Snowmobiling, Hiking & Ice Climbing.

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