Just because it is the ‘hump-day’ of the work week does not mean that guests to Iceland should wish their Wednesdays pass as quickly as possible. Quite to the contrary, there are a wealth of things to do to entertain people of all backgrounds that will make you wish you had more hours in your day.

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As you are travelling in the middle of the week, you’ll avoid most of the weekend travellers when visiting the spectacular natural sites around the island, and most of the local traffic when exploring cities and towns such as the capital Reykjavík, Akureyri in the north and Ísafjörður in the Westfjords.

This will make your adventures – be they seeking the Northern Lights in winter, exploring the Highlands in summer or enjoying the local culture and art throughout the year – much more personal and befitting of Iceland’s reputation as a place for serene contemplation.

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Fans of jazz have two very different options for a night of entertainment on a Wednesday. Those seeking a more relaxed environment should head to the Petersen Suite of the cinema Gamla Bío, where a band will be playing throughout Happy Hour, whereas those seeking something more formal should head to Harpa, where the Múlinn Jazz Club regularly performs.

If you would prefer to see other genres of music live, then check out the performance schedules of venues such as Gaukurinn for metal, Prikið for hip-hop and Dillon for rock. If you’d rather get a taste for the diversity of Reykjavík’s scene, then its recommended to take a bar-crawl following the app Appy Hour, which will direct you to all the city’s cheapest drinks.

For a more outrageous and out-there form of entertainment, keep an eye on the schedule at Loft Hostel; on Wednesdays, they occasionally feature international drag artists such as Crystal Lubrikunt from the UK and Shae Den Freude from Australia.

What are your recommendations for a Wednesday spent in Iceland? Make sure to leave your thoughts and queries in the Facebook comments box below.