Iceland’s Secret Solstice music festival is still going ahead this year according to festival organisers. This is despite numerous international headlines that the rock band Slayer is suing them.

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Credit: Secret Solstice Festival Facebook/Ásgeir Helgi

The Secret Solstice Music Festival is set to be held in Laugardalur, Reykjavík in June this year. The festival is boasting headlining acts like Patti Smith, The Black Eyed Peas and Rita Ora, but the festival was under scrutiny this week due to outstanding debts.

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It was revealed that US Heavy Metal band Slayer is suing the current Secret Solstice Music Festival organisers for the amount of USD 133,000. An amount the band say they have not been paid for their appearance at the festival in 2018.

Patti Smith to perform this year. Credit: Secret Solstice Official Site

Slayer was the 2018 headlining act and was due to receive their payment for the festival in July of the same year but claim they have not yet been transferred the funds.

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A legal representative of the band also claims that the festival had taken a further 20 per cent of their revenue to pay the Icelandic Tax department, who in turn has revealed that this payment was never made.

The Black Eyed Peas to perform this year. Credit: Secret Solstice Official Site

The festival which is five years old was recently taken over by a new agency called Live Events. Live Events were not involved in the organisation of Secret Solstice in the past so questions have been raised over how responsible they should be for past debts of the festival.

On top of this, the past organisers of Secret Solstice also owe the City of Reykjavík 10 million króna (USD 85,000).

Led Zeplin’s Robert Plant to play at this year’s festival. Credit: Robert Plant Facebook

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The City of Reykjavík had signed a 5 year deal with Secret Solstice to assist in the running of the festival. This assistance comes in the form of securing dates, security, sanitation and legal support. However, the city is currently holding off on providing those services until the debt owed to them has been paid.

Credit: Secret Solstice Festival Facebook

Representatives from the city of Reykjavík have been meeting with the current organisers to try to come up with a solution to the issue of the debts owed.

A formal statement from Secret Solstice’s legal team has said that although Slayer claims to have not been paid for last year’s festival, their lawsuit should be with the previous organisers. There has never been a contract between Live Events and K2 Events (the company representing slayer), so there is no need for the current organisers to be involved in this matter.

Pussy Riot to play this year. Credit: Pussy Riot Facebook

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Live Events and representatives of the City of Reykjavík seem confident that the festival will go ahead this year. Live events have assured ticket holders that Secret Solstice will go ahead with or without the support of the city.

This year’s Secret Solstice Festival will be the biggest since it began. This is great news to music lovers in Iceland, as just a week ago the Sónar Music Festival was cancelled due to the collapse of WOW Air.

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