Kirkjufell is arguably Iceland’s most well known mountain, in large part thanks to its background role in the popular HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones. “The mountain like an arrowhead”, found on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, has long been one of the country’s most-visited attractions, so check out our beautiful photo gallery before.

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With the debut episode of Game of Thrones’ Season 8 scheduled for release on April 14th, fans across the world are excitedly preparing for the final run of the decade’s most popular television series. Visitors to Iceland are in particular luck, given that they can visit many of the sites featured on the show. Amongst these, there are none more famous than Kirkjufell mountain.

As the cultural landmark of Grundarfjörður town, Kirkjufell reaches a height of 463 metres and is surrounded by the glittering beauty of the ocean, and the epic drama of the mountains. Due to its height and distinctive pyramid shape, the mountain is instantly recognisable on approach, standing at a distance from surrounding hillsides.

Kirkjufell is often referred to as “Iceland’s most photographed mountain”. Aside from its shape, this title is aided by the nearby waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss, which serves as an excellent subject in the foreground. There are guided paths around the waterfall to help you find the best shooting location.

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Whether Kirkjufell mountain will appear in Season 8 is yet to be seen. However, the mountain will delight thousands of visitors—Game of Thrones fans or not—for years to come. Why not come and see Kirkjufell yourself with a trip to West Iceland?