After what almost seemed like the cruellest April fools joke ever performed by mother nature, it looks as though the weather has tuned in Reykjavík and spring is here.

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Arnarhóll in downtown Reykjavík is now blessed by the sun

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The first day of April came this week, and with it was a deluge of snow and cold weather. It seemed as though the warmth and light of summer were still months away.

Just a day later the golden plover was spotted in Iceland heralding that things might start looking up for those of us craving a beer in the sun. Just as this happened, the first Atlantic Puffin arrived, making just about anyone in Iceland cross their fingers, just in case Jack frost wanted to remind us he was still around.

The pond by City Hall ‘Tjörnin’ has thawed and the birds are loving it.

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Like a Friday miracle, the clouds cleared today, and the sun has started to warm up the city.

Iceland is magical in winter, but when the weather is warm, and the sun is out, there’s not a face in the city without a smile.

Clear skies ahead in downtown Reykjavík

What can you expect on a day like today? All over you will see locals who’ve done anything they can to get out of work early. Even as I write this, I have one eye watching the clock and occasionally staring out the window of our office dreaming of that moment to go get some sun.

This is the current view from the Guide to Iceland office #nofilter

You may be thinking that this excitement would mean the temperature must be at least a balmy 25 degrees Celsius. No, it’s about 8, not even double digits, but for those of us that live here, 8 degrees is a blessing, 8 degrees is warm enough to remove a jacket and have a beer in the sun. 8 degrees is a welcomed change.

If you want further evidence of just how excited Icelanders are getting about the weather today, check out some of the Instagram posts from Reykjavík below.


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Hæ, forvor #égbarahér #isthisspring?

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Have you snapped an amazing shot of the weather in Reykjavík today? Share it with us in the Facebook comments below.

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