Get your flared jeans on and comb your overgrown pageboy haircut, it’s time for Icelandic 70s music. This playlist should give you nostalgia, even if you weren’t around in Iceland in the 1970s.

The playlist includes a fair few fist pump slow jam songs, some children’s music, comedy songs and lots and lots of catchy pop songs. Something for everyone to enjoy.

The decade in question had its ups and many, many downs in Iceland. With a housing crisis, the second and third Cod Wars, the volcanic eruption in the Westman Islands and the curious case of Guðmundur and Geirfinnur, Icelanders were in need of some good tunes.

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Icelandic music was on the up and up in the seventies. Perhaps the most important musical event was Led Zeppelin’s concert in Laugardalshöll Arena. Iceland was not on the map in the same way back then and a popular foreign band playing here was a rare treat, and as a result, Zeppelin mania gripped the nation.

Many Icelandic youths had also been influenced by The Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Keflavík run by the American soldiers stationed here. Especially since radio was still very relevant in the seventies.

Television broadcasting in Iceland had started in 1966, but in the 70s there was still no television on Thursdays nor during the entire month of July. Which meant listening to music on the radio was still a prevalent form of entertainment.

The band Stuðmenn started in 1970 and would reign supreme in the Icelandic music scene for decades to come. Their first full-length album Sumar á Sýrlandi came out in 1975 and included the song ‘Í Bláum Skugga’ which is on the playlist. 


Album cover for Stuðmenn’s second album Tívolí

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Brunaliðið, a group whose name translates to ‘The Fire Brigade’ burned bright in the late seventies and burnt out fast. Despite having been founded in 1978 and disbanded only two years later Brunaliðið left its mark on the seventies in such a way that two of their songs feature on the playlist,  ‘Ástarsorg’ and ‘Ég er á leiðinni.’

There are comedy songs on the playlist from the likes of Ómar Ragnarsson and of course Halli og Laddi, the two brothers who’ve made the nation laugh since the seventies. One of their songs ‘Gibbagibb’ makes fun of another group of brothers, the Gibb brothers of the Bee Gees.

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There’s also music on the playlist which is intended for children but is good enough to be enjoyed by anyone. Olga Guðrún Árnadóttir’s ‘Ryksugulag’ a song about vacuuming and Hrekkjusvínin’s ‘Gestir út um allt’ which describes a party from the perspective of a child who should be in bed.

Press play, and imagine you’re actually carefully placing the needle of a record player on a spinning vinyl record, to be transported back to one of the most transformative decades in recent history.