Yesterday morning the upsetting news that WOW Air had ceased all operations broke. Following this news, many Icelandic companies have offered their services at reduced prices to those affected by WOW’s cancellations.

All WOW Air flights have been cancelled, meaning many travellers are stuck. In addition to some airlines offering rescue fares, a number of other businesses have offered their services for free or at reduced rates in a show of solidarity during this unfortunate time. Truly heartwarming.

If you’re a passenger whose journey has been affected by the airline’s collapse, you might be able to use some of these services. Also, check out our article about your options if your flight was one of those cancelled.

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Bíó Paradís


Popcorn is the most important part of any cinema trip. Photo: Pixabay

Reykjavík’s only Art House Cinema, Bíó Paradís, is offering WOW Air ticket holders free popcorn and a free drink with every screening until Monday. A generous offer since we all know that no cinema experience is complete without popcorn.

Among the films currently screening at Bíó Paradís are Everybody Knows (Todos Lo Saben) starring Penélope Cruz og Javier Bardem and Arctic starring Mads Mikkelsen and Icelandic actress María Thelma Smáradóttir.

Tonight there is a special ‘party’ screening of the instant classic from 2000 Almost Famous. The perfect distraction from airline troubles. 

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Stefan B. Chocolatier


Goodies from Stefan B. Chocolatier. Photo: Stefan B. Chocolatier facebook.

Another great distraction from all your troubles is chocolate. Lucky for you, Stefan B. Chocolatier is offering a 20% discount to those stranded by WOW Air.

The chocolate shop is located on Laugavegur 72 and is full of delicious handmade Icelandic chocolate.  

Hraunborgir – Lava Village


Hraunborgir cottages nestled in the lava. Photo: Hraunborgir – Lava Village facebook.

The Lava Village in Grímsnes in South-West Iceland, about 70 km away from Reykjavík City, have responded to other vendors in Iceland raising their prices by offering free accommodation to travelers in trouble. To enquire about availability simply send them an email with your airline ticket attached.

In a statement on their Facebook page Lava Village say they hope this sets an example for others to not exploit those who have been affected by this unfortunate circumstance.

This is a generous gesture and we hope others follow in the Lava Village’s footsteps.

Hlemmur Square


Photo: Hlemmur Square facebook.

The hotel and hostel hybrid Hlemmur Square are offering 50% discounts of their rack rates to those who have been stranded and are in need of accommodation.

Another generous offer and useful for those stranded in Reykjavík, unsure where to stay.

Paddy’s Beach Pub


Photo: Paddy’s Beach Pub – Keflavík facebook.

If you’re stranded and in Keflavík, the closest town to Iceland’s international airport, you can drown your sorrows with a free beer at the Irish bar Paddy’s Beach Pub. 

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Bars offering WOW staff drinks


So long, purple friend. Photo: Wow Air Instagram.

The end of WOW Air means that over a thousand people are out of a job and in need of a drink. Many have offered their condolences and some companies are going out of their way.

Dillon, a whiskey bar in downtown Reykjavík, is offering a free beer to the now-unemployed staff of WOW Air. And Session Craft Bar are offering former WOW Air staff a 20% discount.