The annual Design March festival in Iceland begins today, but what exactly is it?

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Design March is organised by the Icelandic Design agency, which aims to promote Icelandic design and architecture. The four-day festival hosts hundreds of events celebrating and exploring design; turning Reykjavík into one massive design venue.

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The festival began as a small affair 11 years ago and has since grown to the point where it gathers international attention. Annually, Design March brings local designers and global leaders together across a multitude of disciplines.


Furniture, fashion, environment, food, product design and architecture are all showcased in this festival which begins with a program of lectures called ‘Design Talks.’ Throughout the day local designers and internationally acclaimed thinkers will take the floor to share their exciting ideas and innovations.

Among the hundreds of events in this year’s programme is a section called Design Diplomacy. Several of the Ambassador’s residences in Reykjavík will play host to events showcasing designers of the countries they represent.


The French, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and US embassies will take part in Design Diplomacy; hosting events that showcase fashion, product and industrial design, landscape architecture, and ceramic design.


Another exciting event is Design Match. The purpose of this part of the programme is to provide a space to pair local and international designers and producers as well as retailers, galleries and other industry professionals.

The event aims to provide a calm networking space for like-minded individuals and local design companies to meet with the top international influencers and experts in their fields.

The festival runs from March 28 to March 31 and isn’t just an attraction for industry professionals. Several installations, exhibits, multimedia presentations and lectures are available to the general public. The full programme is available here, and the festival is already preparing for the future, with dates secured all the way till 2022.

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