Meteorologists predict that there is a possibility for a high level of Northern Lights activity in North and East Iceland, both tonight and tomorrow night.

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Unlike the rain-soaked inhabitants of Reykjavík, travellers to the farthest corners of this island’s North and East are set to enjoy a day of radiant sunshine. The cherry on top? They are also in luck tonight when it comes to spotting the dazzling green and red ribbons of the Northern Lights, a consequence of optimum solar conditions and lack of cloud cover.

Of course, the days are getting noticeably longer in Iceland, with the sun failing to dip below the horizon until around 8.00PM. Naturally, darkness is a prerequisite when it comes to observing the aurora borealis, so eager Northern Lights hunters will have to wait deep into the evening before setting out to search.

It should go without saying that the Northern Lights are among nature’s most fantastical wonders, and yet, coinciding with their beauty is an elusiveness that can make hunting them down difficult. After all, clear predictions as to where and when the Northern Lights will appear is still limited to just three days in advance.

One surefire method of maximising your chances to see the Northern Lights is by participating in a guided tour with professional aurora hunters. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to finding observation points devoid of light pollution, but they are also able to teach you about the science, history and mythology behind the lights themselves.

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