We will get to the end of the month this week, which for a lot of people means bank accounts will be flushed with some funds to get out and have some fun. There’s always something happening in Reykjavík, so we’ve put together a list of some highlights from the week for you to sink your teeth into.

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Monday, March 25

The Magic Viking, The Secret Cellar, 9 pm – Free

Credit: The Magic Viking Facebook

Iceland’s only bar dedicated to comedy is host to a one-man show compete with comedy, music and magic. Bjarni Tölframaður (Bjarni the magician) is well-known throughout Iceland as an incredible all-around entertainer.

Armed with his guitar, some impressive magic tricks and a jolly disposition most entertainers would be envious of, he will entertain the crap out of you. A very Icelandic experience, in English.

Tuesday, March 26

Karaoke Party, Gaukurinn, 9 pm – Free

Credit: Gaukurinn Facebook

It’s not just for embarrassing yourself at a work function, karaoke brings everyone together. In a world divided, nothing brings strangers together more than listening to a non-professional singer belt out ‘Tiny Dancer’ with all their heart.

Gaukurinn has become known as a venue that boasts some of the most diverse events and crowds in modern-day Iceland, and that makes this particular night even more fabulous.

Get in early to grab a meal from their leading vegan restaurant Veganæs and make sure you get your song selections done because the list fills up quick.

Wednesday, March 27

Rick and Morty Pub quiz, Húrra, 8 pm – Free

Credit: Húrra Facebook

“I’m pickle Rick, Morty!”, “Show what you got”, “Ma man”. If you know exactly where these phrases come from, this quiz is for you. The Rick and Morty fans of the world are eagerly awaiting news of the release of season 4 of this hit show. It seems there’s still no light at the end of the porthole.

However, there’s no need to stay at home watching reruns and crying into your whiskey, you can come to meet like-minded über fans and test out if you indeed have what it takes to be the Alpha Rick or Morty.

You can participate in teams of two or more, and there will be prizes, costumes are invited.

Thursday, March 28

Multisensory Lab at Design March, 6 pm to 8 pm, Ráðhús Reykjavík, Tjarnargata 11

Credit: Multisensory Lab at Design March Facebook

This experiment is a simulating performative experience that invites guests to engage in a series of sensory experiments. The event encourages you to explore the hidden potential of your senses. The entire experience will be analysed with the data to be used in research. Who said science and art can’t mix?

Friday, March 29

Redbull Music Presents: Afsakanir, 9 pm, Gamla Bío, 4,500kr – Tickets available here

Icelandic Electronic Music Artist Auður

Credit: Auður Facebook

Icelandic musician Auður has dominated the electronic and pop music charts since he signed a deal with Sony Music. In the past year, he has warmed up for Post Malone, toured Europe and won a stack of awards. In this event, he will perform his new album ‘Afsakanir’ (Excuses) in its entirety. Complete with a full band and special musical guest GDRN, Auður will get the beats flowing with his melodic music infused with raw emotion.

Saturday, March 30

Guided Tour in English – The National Museum of Iceland 11 am – 11:45 am, Suðurgata 41

Credit: National Museum of Iceland Facebook

The National Museum of Iceland is offering a guided tour in English of the permanent exhibition, ‘Making of a Nation – Heritage and History in Iceland’. This 45-minute tour is available every Saturday from 11am. It’s an incredible opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of Iceland from the first settlers to modern day.

If you are unable to make this particular time, and audio- guide is available via a smartphone app at any time. Entrance to the guided tour is free with admission to the museum.

Sunday, March 31

Eddie Izzard – Wunderbar at Harpa, Harpa Concert Hall. 6,990kr – 12,990kr – Tickets available here.

Credit: Harpa.is

World-renowned British comedian Eddie Izzard is bringing his Wunderbar tour to Iceland for one night only. Izzard is well known for his comedy which ranges from surreal to incredibly intellectual. On this tour, Izzard has performed in 45 countries in four languages. Tickets are selling fast so don’t miss out.