Today, Iceland will be playing Andorra in the UEFA EURO Qualifiers, making this football match less a battle of the giants, and more a skirmish between two of Europe’s smallest nations. To get into the spirit of things, here are some of the internet’s best Viking Claps from Iceland’s previous sporting conquests.

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Iceland is a slight favourite to win, the men’s national team having played Andorra five times, winning each game. Andorra has yet to score a goal against the Icelandic side, meaning that if all goals were collated, Iceland has scored a whopping 14 goals to nothing.

Rare as it is, Iceland can no longer play the underdog in their upcoming match. Andorra’s population is little over 77,000 people, approximately a quarter of Iceland’s own. In terms of landmass, Iceland is around 220 times larger than Andorra, which measures 468 square km in total.

Iceland also ranks 38th on the FIFA World rankings, as opposed to Andorra, residing at 132nd. Aside from that, Andorra has only played international football since 1996.

For these reasons and more, Iceland’s midfield star, Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson, is not worried. “The ambition of most people is to experience the same emotions and feelings as we have done in recent years. The hunger is still there.”

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Andorra’s and Iceland’s last match was in 2012, a friendly match in Andorra, which Iceland won 2-0. The goal scorers, Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson and Rúnar Már Sigurjónsson, will be in the line-up at tonight’s game.

Still, Iceland has not won an international game since their win over Kosovo last September for the World Cup qualifier. Most recently, the men’s side secured a 2-2 tie with Qatar but suffered defeats to Belgium and Switzerland respectively.

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Following Iceland’s match with Andorra, they will play France on Monday 25th March. Iceland’s last game against France ended with a 2-2 draw.

Sports bars across the country will be playing both games, so make sure to get downtown in support of Icelandic football. Who knows, you’re more than likely to start Viking clapping yourself!

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