Foodies in Reykjavík take note, a new food hall is opening in Höfði today. Food Halls are the latest craze in Iceland’s capital, and this one is no less exciting than those that came before it.

Some joke that you can’t blink in Reykjavík without a new Mathöll (Food Hall) popping up. They are everywhere at the moment, and we’re not complaining. 

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We love the community feeling which is created inside one of these magical places. The setup is that of a market with food stalls, but the whole shebang happens indoors, which is perfect since Iceland’s weather is a tad unpredictable.

Food Halls are a great choice for large or small groups of people with different palates. They provide the convenience of everyone being able to pick exactly what they want and the joy of everyone sitting together and sharing a meal.


Variety is the name of the game at Höfði. Photo: Mathöll Höfða facebook.

This new Mathöll is located on the street Bíldshöfði 9 in the Árbær neighbourhood of Reykjavík. Mathöll Höfða promises a diverse menu and retro vibe. It also has a bar and will be open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, party time. 

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In terms of food, there is something for everyone at Mathöll Höfða, cuisine from Scandinavia, India, Italy, Mexico and of course Iceland. With eight restaurants and a bar, patrons of Mathöll Höfða are spoilt for choice. 

You can choose from; healthy Mexican inspired grill at Culiacan, a fusion of world foods at Hipstur, delicious home cooking at Svangi Mangi, sourdough pizza at Flatbakan, wholesome Asian fast food at Wok On, upper-class street food at The Gastro Truck, sweet cinnamon buns at Sætir Snúðar, America influenced Indian food at Indican and wash it all down with craft beer from Beljandi.

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Gastro Truck is one of the vendors. Photo: Mathöll Höfða facebook.There will also be space for pop-up vendors to serve delicious novelties at Mathöll Höfða, so you never know what new exciting foods await you there.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack in between, it’s all available in one place. Add Mathöll Höfða to your ‘must eat in Iceland’ list. 

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