Hold the door, the American Television Network HBO is gearing up to air the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones. One of their promotional stunts, quest for the throne, involves hiding six Iron Thrones in various locations around the world. Iceland might be one of them.

The smash-hit fantasy TV show, (increasingly loosely) based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, is about to come to an end. Despite Martin still not having finished writing the books. 

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Before we find out which of our problematic faves takes a seat on the Iron Throne, the fans have a chance to sit on a throne of their own, as a part of HBO’s For The Throne ad campaign.

iron throne

Time to sit on a bunch of swords. Photo: Game of Thrones on Twitter.

The campaign includes three tasks fans can do #ForTheThrone. The first task is to bleed for the throne, less violently than the characters on the show though as fans are encouraged to donate blood. The second task is to create for the throne, which is no doubt a nod to all the fantastic GoT fanart which has been created during its 8 years on the air.

The third task is to quest for the throne. The quest is a search for hidden Iron Thrones. Six of these thrones will be hidden around the world and monitored around the clock to determine a winner. Fans have a limited timeframe to find each of the thrones. 

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The first throne has already been found in Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, England. In an unintentional nod to The Triwizard Tournament, it was found by two people at the same time. The two winners get to share the glory, and the cute Robert Baratheon inspired crown they got as an award.


The two aspiring kings of Westeros. Photo: Sky Atlantic on Twitter.

According to HBO, the next throne is hidden somewhere ‘in the North’. At the time of writing, the fans have 12 days to find the throne before the time runs out. 

360-degree videos of the location are available and we think the landscape around the throne looks a bit familiar. We think the throne might be hidden somewhere in Iceland. Take a look at the video below to see if you agree.

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Until it’s location is revealed we at Guide to Iceland Now will be on the lookout for three-eyed-ravens and white walkers and absolutely won’t attend any weddings, they are dangerous.

UPDATE! Unfortunately for us Icelanders, the Iron Throne was found in Sweden, as reported by HBO’s official Nordic account. But who knows? Maybe an Iron Throne will turn up in Iceland some day in the near future… 

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