As part of his artist residency in Ólafsfjörður, photographer Bastiaan van Aarle is collaborating with publisher Hatje Cantz to publish a book, “1:20”, focused on the seasonal changes of Iceland’s unique light conditions. Now he’s looking for your help to make his dream of publishing this photobook a reality.

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Now seeking support as part of a Kickstarter campaign, the photobook’s numerical title alludes to the exact time last July that Bastiaan van Aarle, a Belgian native, photographed his 31 images of Ólafsfjörður.

Bastiaan, an MA graduate of Brussels’ LUCA School of Arts, is a conceptual landscape photographer fascinated by the human influence on nature, time in photography and the two-dimensionality of the medium.

“What fascinated me about Iceland is that the sun almost does not go down,” Bastiaan says, “it turns out that on my first day, the sun touched the horizon, and the days after that, the sun went down more and more.”

As a small fishing town in the northeast of Iceland, Ólafsfjörður is, like many Icelandic settlements, characterised by its picturesque harbour, corrugated iron homes and incredible surrounding scenery.

Given that July is the height of summer in Iceland; a time when the sun sets only fleetingly every 24 hours; “1:20” showcases this beautiful location under ethereal and seemingly-unnatural lighting conditions, making it a must-have companion piece for anyone enamoured with the town.

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The upcoming poet, Bob Vanden Broeck, will be contributing text to the book. Bob’s previous poetic outpourings have been documented in such publications as Het Liegend Konijn, DW B and De Internet Gids. He is currently a part of the De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin creative collective.

The publisher, Hatje Cantz, will be financing a portion of the book’s publication, but further help is needed. Those interested in “1:20” who contribute to Bastiaan’s Kickstarter campaign will naturally be rewarded, and with a variety of contribution options on offer, supporters can up their involvement in the project.

For instance, those offering €80 are provided with a signed copy of the book, as well as a 2-hour portfolio viewing at Bastiaan’s studio. Those contributing €2000 or more receive not only a signed copy of the book but also a 60x90cm limited edition print in lightbox.

Support and learn more about this fascinating project here.

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