Last Saturday the grand finale of the second season of Trapped aired on BBC Four. The Icelandic crime drama has captivated the hearts and minds of many a viewer, as is evident by the discussion of the show on Twitter.

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Many Icelanders tweeted along as the show was broadcast in its native country and international Trapped fans were no less vocal on the social media platform.

People had thoughts on beards, bearlike policemen, angsty teenagers and of course Iceland’s charming nature. Below you can read a selection of our favourite thoughts which people expressed in 280 characters or less.

Be warned, there are spoilers! Like this one:



It seems viewers have reached the unanimous conclusion that the teenagers in Trapped are the worst. In particular, people have it out for Andri’s daughter, Þórhildur.

This first one could honestly be a tweet about anything Þórhildur did in the series.

Þórhildur gets no sympathy from Twitter users, who blame her for Ásgeir’s death. Even when she’s kidnapped, the sick burns (too soon?) keep coming.



Þórhildur’s father, the main detective, was understandably talked about a lot, however, most of the comments were more positive than the tweets about his daughter. People seemed to like Hinrika’s simile of Andri being like a bear.

Twitter user redfacts in particular took it and ran with it.

Does this make Ásgeir Tigger?

Many people noticed how often Andri seems downcast.

Andri’s sensitive side got to people. We agree that he needs a cuddle.

Not everyone was a fan of our leading man, going as far as likening him to his daughter, the most hated character of the series.



You can’t watch Trapped without noticing a surge in beard growth in Iceland. It’s fashionable to sport a fuzzy chin, much to the delight of some.

While others think enough is enough.



Animals, especially dogs, did not have a good go of it on this season of Trapped and people were unhappy about it.

Some even suggested it might be personal.

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The animals, however, got their redemption. The pigs save the day with a brutal flashback to pigs eating an abusive father.


Víkingur’s thunderous speech at his father’s wake caught many tweeters attention. Many pointed out that it was reminiscent of a certain Shakespearean Danish prince.

Víkingur’s angst about his uncle marrying his mother wasn’t the only Hamlet parallel viewers spotted in Trapped.


Icelandic names

It was expected that the Icelandic names would seem confusing to foreign viewers but perhaps not in the way they were.

Lots of people were surprised at normal names, like Albert, a name which over 300 men in Iceland have.

Someone was also surprised that Icelanders call each other by first names. When in fact it would be strange to call Icelanders by last names since you’d be calling them their dad’s name.

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Ásgeir feels

We all love Ásgeir. When he went off on his own and got in trouble the Twitter-verse cried out in unison with a clear message.

Ásgeir. No.

Some were less sensitive about our fave.


Fan favourites

The biggest fan favourite is and forever will be Ásgeir, but many of the smaller characters got lots of honourable mentions on Twitter. For example the handsome SWAT team leader Trausti.

And of course Ebo. In this house we stan Ebo.



There were many guesses about who the murderer was, some outlandish, some spot on, some indecipherable. Like this one.

Some guesses would have made the series much more interesting if they were right.

Stefán was an early suspect.

Some were suspicious of the city slickers.


The important questions

As always, Twitter asked important questions.

Everyone on the show was so miserable we started wondering this ourselves.

When the killer was finally revealed, some people had no idea who he was.



Let us not forget who the real star of the show is. She looked particularly cute in this series.

Thanks for noticing.

We hope the gorgeous landscapes didn’t distract you too much from the plot.

You can enjoy the scenery knowing this good point about murders in Iceland.

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