Strap in folks, it’s Trapped grand finale time. The last two episodes of the second season of Iceland’s most popular crime drama were broadcast on BBC Four last night and we’re here to recap all the action.

Absolutely do not keep reading if you want to avoid spoilers!

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So far in the season, we’ve had ups and downs… mostly downs, to be quite frank. No one was ever in a good mood, all families seem to be falling apart, many people died and Andri has yelled his daughter Þórhildur’s name at her hundreds of times. 

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Last week we; wondered if Víkingur really murdered Pawel, continued wondering what happened to Elín and Halla when they were children, found out the water was indeed poisoned by the power plant and were left wondering whether Ásgeir will survive the stabbing or not.

Episode 9

Once they finally check their phones his colleagues realise what’s happened and start frantically looking for Ásgeir. We see Ásgeir still alive in the back of a car, not all hope is lost yet. Turns out it’s a very short-lived hope.

The police find Ásgeir’s body in a burning car. Some of you may have held onto hope that it wasn’t really Ásgeir who was dead. Sadly, that hope is fully extinguished by a close up of Ásgeir’s body in the morgue. Ásgeir had stood Guðrún up on their date to get murdered and now she’s dissecting his charred corpse, a bad date story for the ages.

Cops Trapped

Honestly, either one of the other cops dying would have been better than Ásgeir. Photo: RÚV facebook.

The news of Ásgeir’s death was so upsetting to Icelandic viewers that the creator of the show, Baltasar Kormákur, publicly apologized for it. We have yet to forgive him. The character is beloved and so is the actor, Ingvar E. Sigurðsson. He’s in fact so well-liked, that people didn’t even find it creepy that his love interest is played by someone the same age as his children.

Many Icelanders have called for a spinoff series for Ásgeir, including Icelandic author Gerður Kristný who moderated lively Trapped discussions on her Facebook page. The production team have the full support of the Guide to Iceland Now team to do that. We want to know more about Ásgeir’s life before his untimely end.

Right after literally killing half of our OTP (one true pairing) the showrunners dare rub it in our faces by having another pair flirt. As if we care about the Mayor and the SWAT team dude possibly getting it on when Ásgeir just died!

Þórhildur blames herself for Ásgeir’s death and is very upset. Her dad tries to convince her it wasn’t her fault. But we all know this was absolutely Þórhildur’s fault, she should have told someone about the phone she found much earlier.

Andri goes aside to have a little cry and all our hearts are crushed all over again. Even bears in an existential crisis need to cry sometimes.

Víkingur is let out of jail cause the security footage points to him maybe not having killed Pawel and he didn’t kill Ásgeir, so he’s clearly innocent? When he’s let out of jail Víkingur tells Andri that Ásgeir was a nice guy. As if the man’s death isn’t the reason Víkingur is a free man, ungrateful little brat.

Aron Mola

An innocent man. Photo: Aron Már Ólafsson Instagram.

Andri finally convinces Laufey that her niece Þórhildur has to be sent away since the murderer knows who she is. There are no seats left on the next flight to Reykjavík so Laufey drives her, Aron tags along. 

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The toxic waste is removed from the mountains. It was just lying around in a random crack in the lava. In a clear attempt to poison and kill more of our favourites the main characters don’t wear any protective gear at the toxic waste dump site, while everyone else wears a hazmat suit.

The police then go to the powerplant to talk to Stefán. Someone at the plant tells them Stefán has called in sick at work. Stefán’s wife also doesn’t know where he is. For those who don’t remember Stefán, he is Víkingur’s friend who’s very suspiciously been the only character who’s not miserable at all times.

Back in the escape vehicle, Þórhildur is doing her thing, aka complaining. This time it’s the catering that’s not up to standards. She can’t eat the shrimp salad sandwich. Veganism might be Þórhildur’s only redeeming quality but it also puts her in grave danger since they have to stop for food.

Þórhildur is meant to stay in the car but insists on going to pee. Aron goes with her to protect her, gaining some points for being adorable. Unlike any ladies room anywhere, ever, this one is empty. Stefán shows up while Þórhildur is peeing. He knocks Aron unconscious and kidnaps Þórhildur. End of episode. 

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Episode 10

At the start of the episode, we get a flashback to a few weeks earlier, before the murders started. A lull in the plot, just what we need at the start of the finale.

The flashback scene reveals the family politics of Finnur trying to buy Gísli’s land and showing him plans approved by Gísli’s twin sister Halla’s ministry. Which led to Gísli lighting both of them on fire.


Throwing it back to episode one. Photo: RÚV facebook.

Back in the current day, Stefán, who we’re now sure is the murderer, is on the run with the country’s most annoying teenager as a hostage. A surprisingly entertaining pairing for a road trip scene. 

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Andri has to call his baby mama to tell her their child has been kidnapped. She tells him to be strong and find their daughter. Instead, someone should have told him he’s too close to the case and probably shouldn’t be working on it.

In the footage from the kidnapping at the rest stop, Stefán looks directly into the security camera. He clearly knows that the police know who he is and is provoking them. We quickly find out that he has absolutely no plan.

Stefán drives into a river which is too deep for his car to cross and gets stuck like a dumb tourist. He continues on foot and carries Þórhildur on his shoulder, heading towards an abandoned ski cabin.

If it wasn’t clear enough before we can now see that Stefán is much more athletic than the person who killed Ásgeir. He’s thinner and moves faster. Like Mikael Rivera pointed out on Twitter the only way that Stefán was Ásgeir’s killer is if he has a gluten intolerance and ate a 16-inch pizza shortly before attacking Ásgeir.

Andri talks to Stefán’s mom Jórunn to see if she has any info on his whereabouts. Jórunn admits that Stefán isn’t her son and she never loved him. The first big reveal of the episode: Stefán isn’t his mother’s son.

Many pointed out that this plot twist is reminiscent of a sketch on Trapped showrunner Sigurjón Kjartanson’s nineties sketch show Fóstbræður. The sketch where a man’s mother sings him a song about not being his biological mother can be seen below.

Andri talks to Aron and his mother Elín. She finally reveals what she saw her siblings do when she was a child, and it is a doozy. She saw the twins murder their abusive father and feed him to the pigs. We now realise Stefán is not only Halla’s son, but he was also conceived when her father raped her. Stefán’s mother is also his sister.

Halla is asked to come talk to him, she has some very moving monologues in the car on the way. Which you can enjoy if you don’t get distracted by how fast her scars seem to be healing. It’s only been a couple of weeks and her scars look great.  

Stefán finally has enough of Þórhildur talking and tapes her mouth shut. He also shoots at a helicopter, which is not as good of an idea.

After she tries to run away Stefán ties Þórhildur’s feet again and struggles to carry her over rough terrain. He accidentally drops her into a river and leaves her there. Stefán goes to the abandoned ski cabin by himself.

Þórhildur is trapped (Trapped ! That’s the name of the show) under a rock and the water is rising. Nail biting anticipation ensues as her father tries to get information about her location from her kidnapper.

Arnmundur Ernst

Arnmundur Ernst Backman finally gets to act in the final episode. Photo: Arnmundur Backman Instagram.

Andri gets nothing out of Stefán about Þórhildur’s whereabouts. He does, however, get an explanation about Finnur and Pawel’s murders. But Stefán never explicitly says he was the one who stabbed Ásgeir.

Stefán is threatening to kill himself so Andri can’t know where Þórhildur is. Hinrika brings Halla in to talk to her son Stefán. While Stefán is distracted Hinrika drops Þórhildur’s coat out the window so the dogs can sniff her out.

Hinrika’s radio is still on and alerts Stefán to the fact that Þórhildur has been found. Stefán has no leverage for bartering left and is disgusted by his mother’s talk about their mutual father.


The Trapped family tree, fixed. Stefán is his own uncle. Photo: Skjartanson Twitter.

Andri tries to convince Stefán that his life is worth living. Andri talks like a motivational speaker, tells him he’s not a freak and cites Stefán’s son as a reason for him to live.

Stefán shoots himself.

The end of a murderer who was the only person in his town who hid how sad he was. A classic Scandinavian tale of incest, rape and depression. Six men were killed by two men, no women died or killed anyone.

The episode fizzles out; Ebo goes back to Ghana, leaving Víkingur to deal with the mess that is his family, Hinrika doesn’t take Bárður back, and Þórhildur is in the hospital surrounded by enough flowers to kill anyone who suffers from hay fever.

What happened to the Hammer of Thor dudes? Is the water in Siglufjörður safe to drink now? Did the Mayor and the Special forces guy get it on? Who killed Ásgeir? We simply don’t know these things. 


So long, emo bear man, until next time. Photo: Trapped facebook.

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Thus we come to the end of the second season of Trapped. A brilliant production which probably over half the actors in Iceland and many rappers were involved in. The writing may have been questionable at times but the result was a highly addictive and beautifully shot season.

A season where people were trapped by circumstance and in their own heads, rather than literally trapped by snow. We explored classic Icelandic themes like racism, homophobia, pollution, incest and everyone being in a bad mood all the time. We look forward to the next season which we assume will be about a volcanic eruption, the only Icelandic cliché left. 

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