Canadian artist, Mario Beaudoin recently submitted some artistic impressions he had of Iceland on the Guide to Iceland Facebook page, and we couldn’t help but take notice. With Beaudoin’s permission, we’d like to share some of his brilliant paintings as well as a little bit about the artist.

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Beaudoin is a landscape artist with his own unique style; his artistic renderings of well-known Icelandic attractions are vibrant in colour and bold in composition and technique. Although stylistically unique, the paintings have a cartoon-esque quality which immediately draws you in and tells a story.

An artistic rendering of Dalatangi lighthouse.

Dalatangi Lighthouse.

Beaudoin’s paintings, “engage us with the abstraction of physical and personal landmarks while flattening form into shape, and [through] his daring and balanced use of colour,” it states on his website.

Ófærufoss waterfall

Ófærufoss waterfall

Many of the paintings of Iceland include a boat with a red hull in the foreground; when I asked Beaudoin about the significance of this subject, he replied, “I live 6-months of the year in Îles de la Madeleine, a small island in the middle of the St. Laurence gulf in Canada. You have to travel 6-hours by ferry to get there. It’s a lobster fishing community, and so that’s the reason I include the boat in my paintings”.

Elliðaey Island, Vestmannaeyjar

Elliðaey Island, Vestmannaeyjar

Iceland is known for its unique lighting conditions and wealth of natural attractions, and it has inspired many artists around the world as well as at home. Beaudoin remarked, “For me, Iceland is so huge and so different at the same time, it provides the opportunity to improve my skills.”

The sleepy fishing town of Grindavík

Foggy morning on Grindavík

He continues, “I prefer to be there at the end of September and beginning of October because I can see Northern Lights and crepuscular rays”.

It’s possible to see the Northern Lights throughout the darker months of winter but undoubtedly the milder autumn months lend themselves more kindly to painting outside.

Stokksnes peninsula at night

Stokksnes peninsula

Beaudoin has made two trips to Iceland, each time capturing the natural raw beauty of the country on canvas (and occasionally on board!) and his last visit was in October 2017. He intends to return soon and is plans a four-day stay in the Westman Islands, his favourite part of the country. Undoubtedly we can look forward to more vivid and dynamic paintings of our favourite Icelandic landmarks in the not too distant future.

Seyðisfjörður in the Eastfjords

The old shipward of Seyðisfjörður

Many of Beaudoin’s paintings are up for sale on his website which you can check out here. You can follow him on Facebook for regular videos as well as tips and tricks for any self-taught painter.

A big thank you to Mario Beaudoin for allowing us to feature his photos. Do you want to visit the Westman Islands? Why not check out this 5-day Self Drive Tour which includes whale watching and a puffin tour! Be sure to leave any comments or questions in the Facebook box below.