Iceland’s most famous mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Gunnar Nelson, was recently featured in a parody of the famously sexually charged video for Eric Prydz’s ‘Call on me’ and it’s proving to be a knockout.

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For the last few years, staff members of Mjölnir, Nelson’s home club and MMA training centre in Reykjavík, have released YouTube reenactments of famous music videos and Nelson has featured in each one to date.

The latest release features plenty of spandex, perspiration, and a gratuitous amount of hip thrusting and crotch grabbing which would certainly register as dirty moves in the cage. Entertaining and silly, the video shows that despite being a serious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor, Nelson doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The video’s timing comes just before Nelson is due to challenge English fighter Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards in the ring at the London O2 Arena this Saturday, March 16. Edwards ranks #10 in the UFC Welterweight Division, slightly ahead of Nelson who’s currently at the #13 position, although all that could change this weekend.

Perhaps the video is intended to be some kind of calculated psyche out to distract Edwards’ focus before the match by misdirecting his attention towards Nelson’s crotch rather than his kicks and hooks.

More likely, however, it’s just a bit of fun and an exercise to bring the club closer together. On Mjölnir’s website, they state, “Mjölnir is not merely a sport club, fitness center or a school of self-defence. Mjölnir is all of that and so much more. We are a fellowship of people.”

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Mjölnir is the Icelandic name for Thor’s Hammer, and the club is located in Reykjavík, nestled in the hills of Öskjuhlíð like some kind of Bond villain’s lair. Previous musical spoofs include Michael Jackson’s Beat It, Justin Bieber’s Sorry, and my personal favourite, Sia’s Chandelier.

Gunnar Nelson made history as the first Icelander to fight in the UFC. Since he joined the company in 2012, the popularity of MMA has skyrocketed with many Icelanders staying up until all hours of the morning so they can watch matches live.

Gunnar Nelson is Iceland's top MMA fighter.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Gunnar Nelson

No longer the only Icelander in the UFC, Nelson has been joined by fellow Mjölnir member Sunna ‘Tsunami’ Rannveig Daviðsdóttir who, so far, has yet to lose a fight.

Nelson’s friendship with teammate and former Featherweight and Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor is a matter of pride for Icelandic MMA fans and many support McGregor with the same fervour as they show their fellow countrymen.

If you’re looking show your support like a local and catch the fight in Reykjavík this Saturday, bars that will most likely show the fight include The Dubliner, American Bar, Bjarni Fel, Boston and Lebowski Bar.

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