Guide to Iceland NOW recently paid a visit to Blackbox Pizza, located on Borgartún in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík. So how does their pizza compare to the city’s competition?

Pizza is a staple of a healthy diet. Actually, no, that’s completely incorrect, but it’s still one of the most popular dishes worldwide. While Iceland—the land of ice and fire—might seem a leap from the golden fields of Italy, this small Nordic island boasts some incredibly flavoursome slices.

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The New Kid On The Block 

Among the best sits Blackbox Pizzeria, a relative newcomer to the scene, but one that has revolutionised how customers think about dining over an Italian open pie

With an aesthetic theme centred around black and yellow, and the country’s largest disco ball spinning precariously over the dining area, the restaurant is undeniably modern, hip and catered to fast, convenient dining.

In that vein, Blackbox pushes a Subway-esque set up, with the various toppings laid out for all to see. This model is advantageous for adventurous foodies, lending itself to guests trying ingredients they might not otherwise. With that said, there are ‘set’ pizzas on the menu, from Parma Rucola, Spicy Chicken, Italian Barbeque and even Nutella and strawberries (—that’s right! A dessert pizza.)

In short, Blackbox is a restaurant for the 21st Century, inspired by made-to-order pizzerias—Pizza Rev and Blaze Pizza, to name just two—that are currently booming across the United States.  As a customer, I found this a touch empowering—my pizza, my way. “Best make that a double pepperoni…”

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Traditional Cooking, Comfortable Dining

Blackbox cooks their pizza using a revolving brick oven, lending the final product an authentic look and taste that’s tricky, if not impossible to critique. Cooking time is short, approximately two minutes per pizza, which lends itself not just to a quick stopover, but also a takeaway, should the mood seize you.

Nonetheless, Blackbox feels designed with diners in mind. Seating is plush and comfortable, and it is easy to while away an hour or two sipping on drinks, long after the pizzas have been devoured (A takeaway option is always welcome, though).

When it comes to negatives, there aren’t many. In truth, there was some tableside murmuring amongst my colleagues that their pizzas were overloaded with cheese and toppings, but I found it quite to my liking. With the pizza served whole, rather than sliced, with a jazzy knife and fork set, there’s nothing messy about finishing off an entire order.   

I’m also a rather a big fan of alcohol, which is surprising, I’m sure. Thankfully, Blackbox caters to such rare tastes by offering near day-long Happy Hour prices and a range of organic beers.

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Naturally, there is also a range of other beverages on offer, and plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices, making this the perfect stop for local and travelling families looking for somewhere comfortable and convenient to eat.

When it comes to pizza prices, they are typical of Iceland; A margarita will set you back approximately 1800 ISK, while meatier offerings value from 2500 ISK to 3000 ISK. Still, Blackbox offers bang-for-the-buck flavours, healthy portion sizes and an excellent selection of sides, making this one pizzeria you won’t want to miss during your trip to Iceland.

Address & Opening Hours:

Borgartún 26
Monday to Sunday – 11:00 to 22:00