We recently asked you what your favourite waterfall in Iceland is and you answered. Here are the results.

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3rd Place – South and North Combine

Seljalandsfoss. 11.59% (Category is: 360 Degree Eleganza)

This southern belle gushes from a 60-metre high drop and is often the first waterfall stop for tourists visiting Iceland’s south coast. The falls drape over an open cave giving visitors the ability to get a 360-degree view of its glory.

Goðafoss 11.59% (Category is: Painted for the Gods Realness)

The waterfall of the gods is a shining jewel in the crown that is Iceland’s diamond circle in the North. It sits in the fourth largest river in Iceland Skjálfandaflót. It may not be as tall as some of its competitors at just 12 metres tall, but it’s a staggering 30 metres wide. This northern gem played a central role in Iceland converting from paganism to Christianity in around 1000 AD.

2nd Place – Landing on flat ground

Skógafoss 23.19% (Category is: Double rainbows across the board)

Skógafoss is one of Iceland’s most prominent and arguably one of the most beautiful waterfalls. It stands 25 metres wide with a massive drop of 60 metres. The ground beneath the falls is flat, creating a magnificent spray on contact. Due to the mist constantly created by Skógafoss, when the sun shines there’s almost always a rainbow present. On some days tourists have even reported seeing double rainbows.

And the Winner is

1st Place Gullfoss 24.64% (Category is Gold Baby Gold)

It would seem that fame gets a waterfall a long way. Gullfoss is probably the most iconic Icelandic waterfall, and it’s also one of the most visited. Its name translates to Golden Falls, and it’s situated within the famous golden circle tourist route of Iceland’s southwest. It drops 32 metres over two steps creating a heavy mist and loud roar. Images of this beast are worthy of galleries. Congratulations you gold winning natural wonder.

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