Yesterday the penultimate two episodes of the second season of Trapped aired on BBC Four. The Scandi-Noir about troubled detective Andri Ólafsson and the people of Siglufjörður Town in North Iceland keeps getting more thrilling. We’ve recapped episodes 7 and 8 for you.

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Episode 7

The episode starts with a nurse telling burn-victim and MP, Halla, a pointless story about some goat boy. The nurse is trying to convince Halla to return to hospital and tells her the story while wrapping her burn wounds in inexplicably dry bandages, which looks very painful. Halla then does a burn of her own by saying the difference between her and the story is that the boy in the story is an idiot.

Víkingur is arrested on suspicion of murder, understandable since he was found covered in Pawel’s blood. The police wonder if he also murdered Finnur. Hjörtur, the security guard, is sure Víkingur didn’t commit either of the murders.

Víkingur’s lawyer tells him not to say anything. Andri recites a long, long, long list of evidence stacked up against Víkingur. Víkingur says he didn’t do it.

Víkingur’s friend Stefán who knows that Víkingur was furious because of Pawel sexually assaulting Ebo takes Ebo to the police station to give a statement about it. Ebo then goes to stay with Hjörtur and Soffía.


Halla won’t talk to her sister. Photo: RÚV facebook.

Elín confronts her sister Halla about the conversation she tried to have with her. Elín says it would be good to talk about what happened. Halla tries to gaslight the hell out of Elín, asking her if she knows what false memories are. Elín is having none of it and still wants to talk.

Andri is sending Þórhildur to her mother in Reykjavík. Þórhildur’s aunt decides against it. When Andri comes to say goodbye before she goes, he is furious to find out she’s staying in this very unsafe murder-town.


Andri tries so hard to be a good dad. Photo: Ófærð facebook.

The police find out that Pawel’s murderer had turned off the electricity at the power plant. This means the security cameras didn’t catch him, but he forgot about two, which show the outside of the building. That security footage reveals that someone else must have cut the electricity out.

Ásgeir and Bárður go up into the mountains and find a bunch of dead fish washed up on shore. They must have gone at around 4:20 cause Bárður blazes it, right in front of a policeman, who does nothing about it.

Episode 8

The water has been deemed unsafe and cut off, causing trouble for the people of Siglufjörður. And the fancy guest from American Aluminium.

Andri watches Finnur Grímson’s funeral from his car. The only mourners in attendance are his son Aron, widow Elín and her brother and his wife. Further cementing that Finnur was an asshole that everyone hated. Then a guy from the power plant shows up and hands Elín a mysterious envelope.

Andri goes to ask Elín about it. Turns out the envelope contained a large amount of money, tied up with a string. Andri takes the string, which is tied with the same knot as the rope used to hang Finnur up. It’s a figure-eight bend, which everyone who knows anything about knots can tell you is a very common knot.


Before all the bickering started. Photo: RÚV facebook.

Hinrika and Andri forget to tell Ásgeir about the video where Víkingur doesn’t shut the electricity off. When they finally do, Ásgeir is super upset. Ásgeir lashes out by revealing that he knows about Hinrika’s pregnancy cause Guðrún found an ultrasound. Turns out he’s wrong, they found an old ultrasound. Now they’re both upset. Andri joins in, and all three cops fight and bicker.

The last two of the at last five rappers in Trapped, JóiPé and Króli show up as the town bullies and kick the shit out of Aron at the burger joint. The woman working there doesn’t kick them out.

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Víkingur’s mother, Steinunn, wants to see him but isn’t allowed, cause he’s in police custody for murder. Andri stupidly tells her they think he’s innocent. She goes and spreads it around town.

Ásgeir bets Guðrún she can beat the team in Reykjavík who are also analysing the samples from the dead fish. Ásgeir says he’ll cook for her if she manages it. She does, and they have a date.

Þórhildur finally tells someone about the mobile from the money bag. She tells Aron, who makes her tell the police. The policeman she tells is Ásgeir.

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Ásgeir tries to ring Andri, who doesn’t pick up. Andri and Hinrika are both busy interrogating a man about a knot. They find out the money was for a gambling debt.

Ásgeir communicates with the mystery person on the money bag mobile through texts. Instead of going on the date he goes to meet whoever it is. Whoever he was meant to meet grabs the mobile from him. Ásgeir follows them on foot and gets stabbed.

We’re left not knowing the fate of our beloved Ásgeir. Be sure to tune into BBC next Saturday for the final two episodes. How in the world could this all end? We’ll find out next weekend and of course recap it for you.

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