It’s been a big week in Iceland this week. We’ve been overstuffed on Bolludagur, exploded on Sprengidagur, dressed up on Öskurdagur and that only took us to Wednesday.

Apart from all this and International Women’s Day, quite a bit has been happening around the country. From a Redbull swan escape to an almost lost at sea grandma who found internet fame, here are the stories from Iceland you might have missed this week.

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Hanoi Summit Compared to Reykjavik Summit.

Credit: Public Domain. White House Photo Office

US President Donald Trump’s recent walk away from a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is being compared to President Reagan’s walk away from a 1986 summit in Reykjavík with the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The 1986 Summit was a historic moment for relations between the US and the then Soviet Union. It concluded with Reagan walking away from the possibility of eliminating ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons between the countries because it would have included constraints on the US that President Reagan believed were not in the countries best interests.

Although Trump’s walk away from the summit with the North Korean leader does bare some similarities, political analysts have criticised the comparison stating that Trump is no Reagan, and Kim Jong Un is no Gorbachev.

Grandma goes viral.

Credit: Catherin Streng

A Texas grandmother who was almost lost at sea at Iceland’s Diamond Beach near the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon has found unexpected fame.

Guide to Iceland Now reported on the incident where the woman had sat on an ‘ice throne’ for a photo only to be swept up by a wave. The Grandma was safely returned to shore, but since then her story has gone viral.

Guide to Iceland Now is proud to have been the first English-language news outlet to report on this story. It has since made the rounds of the internet. The story has graced the pages of the Dailymail, Mashable, Reddit and even Bored Panda.

The first post of this ice throne mishap was on Twitter by the woman’s granddaughter Catherine Streng. We contacted Streng to ask her how she felt about her grandmother’s internet fame. Catherine told us, “Haha, I really was not expecting any of this.”

Tourist gets 210,000 Króna fine.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Pjt56

Icelandic news outlet Vísir has reported that nine drivers in the Reykjanes peninsula area of Iceland’s south have been fined for speeding in a relatively short space of time. One of the drivers was reportedly driving at a speed of 141 km/h. The top speed limit in Iceland’s south is only 90 km.

The tourist who committed the offence received a fine of 210,000 kr fine ($1,725USD). Although Iceland has a relaxed attitude, rules are still rules, so stick to the speed limit, or you may have some expensive consequences.

Iceland treats women workers the best.

Credit: Women’s March Facebook

Professional services company Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) has released a study comparing the positions of developed countries for female workers, and Iceland retained the number one spot on the list.

Nordic countries held 5 of the top ten places with Sweden coming in second place.

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The annual list ranks countries with the best female labour force participation and the welfare of women in the workplace. The two largest English speaking nations in the list, the UK and US lagged behind Canada. The UK placed 13th, and the US placed 22nd.

Icelandic radio presenter remembers Luke Perry

Credit: Gulli Helgason Facebook

American actor, Luke Perry tragically passed away this week at the age of 52 from a massive stroke. The actor, best known for playing Dylan McKay on the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210 was surrounded by loved ones at the time of his passing.

Icelandic radio host Gulli Helgason recounted a time he met Perry with Fréttablaðið. Gulli was the winner of a Pepsi Max competition in 1995. The prize was a trip to Florida and to meet some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

Gulli told the newspaper that he wasn’t a fan of 90210, but he thought Luke was a very kind person when they met. Along with Luke Perry, winners of the Pepsi Max competition also got to meet Jean Claude Van Damme, Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford and Andre Agassi.

Gulli brought Icelandic gifts to give the celebrities, one of them was a bottle of Icelandic schnapps called Brennivín. When Luke received the gift, he opened it and took a sip. Apparently, he liked it so much he immediately took another.

Tesla bringing charging stations to Iceland.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Z22

Elon Musk’s energy and the automotive company Tesla announced that they have been negotiating with Icelandic power company ON to see if they could bring electric car charging stations to Iceland.

Iceland already has many electric car charging stations throughout the country, but Tesla charging stations could mean electric cars charging their batteries at astonishing speeds. A regular electric car charging station can fill a car’s battery with power in 2-3 hours, a Tesla station can perform the same task in under an hour.

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The Tesla company have also been in talks with Veitur, an electrical transmission company in Iceland. The reason for the discussions is a common goal to speed up the transfer from fossil fuels to complete renewable energy.

More Wikipedia articles about Icelandic Women.

Women’s right s march 1915 Credit: Wikimedia Commons Magnús Ólafsson

A campaign has been launched to produce more Wikipedia articles about women in Iceland.

Icelandic universities along with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, announced the plan as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations in Iceland.

The Wikipedia articles will focus on Icelandic women who are related to UNESCO issues like education, culture, arts, media, science and information technology.

There are currently 12,152 articles about Icelanders on Wikipedia, and only 19% of them are about women. This campaign will be a giant step forward in the gender equality of reporting on important people in Iceland.

The Redbull swan escaped.

Credit: Project Henrý – fuglalíf í Hafnarfirði Facebook

Earlier this week we reported that a swan who had a Redbull can stuck to its beak had been successfully captured and the can removed. The swan was noticed in a pond in Hafnarfjörður and reported to the Icelandic Institute of Natural History.

After the swan was relieved of the can, it was taken to a zoo to be cared for before release.

However, on Thursday morning she had escaped from her pen. The now-famous bird spent some time chilling with reindeer before flying off, most likely back to her original pond. Perhaps Redbull really does give you wings.

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