The popular Icelandic Scandi-Noir TV series Trapped is half-way through being broadcast on BBC Four. Yesterday the fifth and sixth instalments aired and the plot keeps thickening.

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Last week, we saw the Mayor kidnapped and returned to safety. A murder suspect on the run was captured and immediately hospitalized, closer to life than death. The suspected killers of Finnur Grímsson were proved to be innocent and the police are back to square one in their investigation.

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Episode 5

Buckle up and get ready for some Acting with a capital A. In this episode, it’s the day of Gísli’s funeral and tensions are high.

We start with a bit of exposition about the family of the siblings Gísli, Halla, Elín and Ólafur. The gravediggers tell the reverend about the family being troubled. Apparently, their father disappeared without a trace when the four siblings were young.

Andri talks to Finnur’s widow Elín who tells him Finnur broke his arm at work six months earlier. While they talk, Ásgeir gabs to Aron about his car. Ásgeir realizes Finnur owned a ridiculous amount of cars. Later, the police officers find out Finnur paid for the cars with cash… very suspicious.

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Credit: Rúv Facebook

The special forces guy, Trausti, is taking care of the mayor; driving her around. He seems a bit shaken up from having shot the kidnapper. Mayor Hafdís and Trausti do some light flirting.

Andri goes to ask Hjörtur, the security guard at the power plant, about Finnur’s broken arm. We see that his partner Soffía is pregnant, which fans of the first season will no doubt be happy about. She is also played by the third of at least five rappers that act in the series, former member of rap-collective Reykjavíkurdætur, Salka Sól Eyfeld. 

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Hjörtur and Soffía tell Andri that Finnur was both racist and homophobic and that he humiliated Víkingur at work. This led to Víkingur breaking Finnur’s arm.

The deceased’s twin sister, Minister for Industries Halla, flies North to attend the funeral of her brother. She’s surprisingly spry for a recent burn victim. When offered a wheelchair she says, “I’m burnt, not paralyzed”.

We find out Pawel, the foreman of the foreign workers at the plant, still owes Ebo and his brother-in-law money for a side job. They confront him and Pawel says he’ll take care of it, but is threatening about it. When the brother-in-law is out of earshot, Pawel accuses Ebo of selling himself to Víkingur and threatens to blackmail him with that information.

Andri says he’s gonna lay low and be like a fly on the wall at the funeral. Hinrika makes an astute observation that he’ll be more like a grizzly bear on the wall. Which is true, since he uses the opportunity at the wake to question a few people.

The funeral kicks off with some choral singing and lots of dramatic close-ups of people looking at their family members, including a scathing side-eye from Víkingur to his sobbing mother.


Halla at her twin brother’s funeral. Photo: RÚV facebook.

The priest talks about forgiveness since Halla is there. Halla says a few words about loving her twin brother despite not understanding why he did what he did, nor being able to forgive. Víkingur looks mad as hell. You might think this is the dramatic high-point of the episode, but just you wait.

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At the wake, Víkingur gets rip-roaring drunk. Ólafur, who is both his uncle and stepfather, tries to stop him. This kicks off Víkingur’s furious speech, which is mostly him yelling at his mother, Steinunn.

Víkingur’s angry speech highlights include: Everyone is a hypocrite. He’s the only one really grieving. Halla is faking her sadness. Finnur was an asshole. Ólafur used the first opportunity he got to fuck his brother’s wife. Steinunn cries crocodile tears. Steinunn left him with an incompetent father who is now dead.

He ends the tour-de-force speech by saying his mother has no children since she walked out on him and his dad. The cherry on top is that she only made it 200 meters over to the next farm, not even crossing county limits.

Víkingur then drunk-drives away, though his friend Stefán makes a weak attempt to stop him. Víkingur goes to talk to Ebo and his brother-in-law sees them.


Hinrika has a word with Bárður after the funeral. Photo: Trapped facebook.

After the funeral, police chief Hinrika tells her partner Bárður that their relationship isn’t working anymore. She cites his embarrassing behaviour, including constant pot smoking, as reasons for the breakup. Bárður goes to stay with Ásgeir.

The episode ends with the youngest of the siblings, Elín, as she tries to talk to her sister Halla. She says they have to talk about an ominous something that happened relating to their father. Halla dismisses her but Elín says she saw what Halla and Gísli did. We are left without knowing what exactly happened.

Episode 6

This episode is a slow one with a sharp crescendo at the end.

Police see the crime scene seal is broken and are sure it was Aron and Þórhildur who broke in. They find a bunch of euros in Aron’s pocket and take him and his mum to the station.

When Andri finds out Þórhildur is involved, he is livid. He goes to find the duffel bag of money where Þórhildur is staying. In the bag, he also finds a map and a bill of sale for some land. They think maybe drilling was planned.

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Víkingur’s friend Stefán wakes Víkingur the morning after his binge drinking at the funeral. Stefán tries to talk sense into him about Ebo. Ebo’s brother-in-law wants to keep Ebo and Víkingur apart but says he won’t tell anyone. Later, Andri comes to ask Víkingur about breaking Finnur’s arm.

There’s trouble in paradise at the police station. Andri says Hinrika and Ásgeir shouldn’t have let Aron go. The other two offer to show him the report if he thinks their work is bad. Hinrika and Andri bicker some more. Ásgeir talks to Guðrún on the phone about Andri being stressed.


Three amigos? Not so much. Photo: RÚV facebook.

Þórhildur gets another text message from the mystery person on the phone from the money bag. She still hasn’t told anyone about the phone, which is maybe the stupidest thing anyone has done in the series so far.

The text tells her to meet whoever is sending the messages at the graveyard. She goes there and sees no one but someone sees her. She texts to ask why they didn’t show. They say she didn’t bring the money and the person knows her name and saw her at the funeral.

Ketill, the father of the previous murder suspects Skúli and Torfi, brings some dead geese to the police officer. He’s been riding around the health and inspecting the water. He thinks the water is poisoned and that’s why his son is sick. 

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 Pawel attacks Ebo and sexually harasses him. Ebo manages to run away and a group of workers gang up on him. Stefán helps him escape and drives him to Víkingur’s house, who is furious when he hears what happened.

Hjörtur, the security guard at the power plant, discovers Pawel’s dead body at the plant. He hears someone running away and follows them. Eventually, he finds Víkingur covered in blood. 

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A very suspenseful last five minutes of a quiet episode. Who’s sending the texts to Þórhildur? What will happen to Víkingur and Ebo? Is the water poisoned? What happened when Elín and Halla were children? Lots of questions to be answered. Make sure to catch the next two episodes on BBC Four this Saturday and check back in with us for a recap of episodes 7 and 8.