Today, a storm is passing through both East and West Iceland. Although it is recommended you stay inside, if you have to go out, you better wrap up warm.

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Last night and today, over half the country has had an orange storm warning. When an orange warning occurs, the weather will likely have an effect on transport and other infrastructure.  

The storm has already affected people’s daily lives. Schools in the North have had to close for today and the electricity around Kirkjubæjarklaustur village cut out last night.

People in the East are advised not to go outside unless they absolutely have to. Those visiting that part of the country should spend the evening listening to the weather while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and watching the latest season of Trapped. 

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The weather for the rest of the country is slightly better than in the East, although it is not great. If you are not in the East of Iceland, here’s what you should wear if you want to brave the storm.

Lopapeysa Wool Jumper


A young man in a lopapeysa at sea. Photo: Lopapeysa – Icelandic Sweater facebook.

When it comes to preparing for Icelandic conditions, nothing beats a good old fashioned wool jumper. Traditional Icelandic ‘lopapeysa’ is made from the fleece of Icelandic sheep which has two layers; a coarser outer layer and a softer inner layer.

These wool jumpers are water resistant and insulating, not to mention beautiful. We recommend buying one to take home with you as a souvenir.

UN Women Beanie

fokk ofbeldi

Cool hat. Photo: UN Women – Íslensk Landsnefnd facebook.

During your stay in Iceland, you might notice cool locals wearing hats with the letters F and O on them. These stylish beanies aren’t just a way to keep warm, they’re sold to raise funds for UN Women. The letters stand for Fokk Ofbeldi, which translates to F#&% Violence, a great message to plaster on your forehead.

An added bonus is the fact that the letters are made of reflective materials. The idea behind this is to light up the darkness surrounding violence against women. It also happens to make it easier for cars to see you when it starts getting dark in the evenings.

Rented Outerwear


An example of a coat you could rent. Photo: IcelandCover facebook.

If you’ve arrived in Iceland ill-equipped for a storm, do not fear, there are services available where you can rent clothes suitable for the climate.

This can also save you shoving thick coats and snow trousers in your luggage. Simply rent some online before your arrival and remain warm and cosy throughout your trip. 

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The Cheetah Girls were among Disney’s layering legends. Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Photobra.

The best way to dress warmly is to wear layers. Not the kind of layers Disney Channel stars wore in the early 2000s where they layered a vest over a t-shirt over a button up. No, we mean layering wool and fleece and rainproof outer-wear.

Good Shoes


A man’s best friend. Photo: Flickr, Paul Rysz.

This might be common sense but it bears repeating. Having wet feet is the absolute worst, it makes you cranky and is a recipe for getting a cold.

If you’re travelling in Iceland, wearing waterproof shoes, preferably hiking boots, is the best thing you can do for your feet.