One of the most iconic animals associated with the land of ice and fire is the Icelandic horse, a small, yet stunning breed that has lived on the island for over 1000 years. See below for our collection of stunning Icelandic horse photos.

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Horse riding tours in Iceland present the chance to discover the country’s incredible landscapes from a truly unique perspective. On top of that, visitors earn the intimate opportunity to meet and learn more about the island’s most famous four-legged resident.

Among the breed’s most noticeable qualities is its diminutive, yet muscular stature, leading to many people often wrongly categorising them as pony’s. In fact, this horse breed has been isolated in the country for centuries, becoming ever more adept at dealing with the harsh Icelandic winters.

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Horses were brought to Iceland by the earliest settlers and were used just not for transportation, but also food and as symbols of reverence and power. Today, they are essential to Iceland’s image and tourism industry, delighting thousands of guests each year with their loyalty, intelligence and energetic character.

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