This week in Iceland brought us lots of thrilling news. Police tracing a criminal’s footsteps, glamorous celebrities and tourists putting themselves in danger. It’s exciting enough to be the plot of a Tintin comic, especially since he also featured in the news.

Oscar Nominees Gifted Trip to Iceland


The 91st Academy Awards, affectionately known as the Oscars, will be held on Sunday. At this, the most glamorous of events, attendees are given goodie bags. This year, the fanciest of the gift bags are worth around a hundred thousand dollars and are gifted to those nominated in acting and directing categories. These include a trip abroad to one of five possible locations; one of those locations is Iceland.

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Among other goodies included in the bags are absinthe, lipstick, designer t-shirts, a hairdryer, a novelty plunger, cookies, a bowtie, and various products containing cannabis, which has been legalized in California, where the event is held.

Those nominated for an Academy Award in acting or directing will be able to choose a trip to Iceland if they want. We look forward to a visit from some Oscar nominees and winners.

Thunder! Lightning!


Lighting, not pictured: the thunder. Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Griffinstorm.

Thursday evening, the night sky in Reykjavík and surrounding areas in the southwest corner of Iceland was lit up by lightning. This type of weather is fairly unusual in Iceland, where it’s more common to see Northern Lights, a much calmer display of lights in the sky.

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Meteorologists say it’s unlikely that there will be more thunderstorms in the next few days. The thunderstorm was not expected to reach shore in the first place.

Swimming pools in the capital area had to close a little early. Closing pools due to weather is something Icelandic people find unusual, they flock to pools in any and all weathers. But swimming in a thunderstorm can be dangerous, so the pools closed.

Tintin to Return to Iceland?


Tintin on ice. Photo: Tintin facebook.

Most people are familiar with The Adventures of Tintin comics by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé. Tintin was a well-travelled reporter and fans of the series might remember that Tintin once visited Iceland.

In The Adventures of Tintin: The Shooting Star, Tintin, along with his dog Snowy, stop to refuel their ship in the town of Akureyri in Northern Iceland. They are on their way to find a meteorite in the Arctic Ocean and on the journey with them is Tintin’s good friend, Captain Haddock. The creative cursing Captain seems to have been to Iceland before, since he knows people in the area and recommends the soda water in Akureyri.

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Now the Akureyri Tourist Information Centre is looking into the possibility of bringing Tintin back, this time in the form of a statue. Previously plans were made to paint a mural in Tintin’s honour but they fell through. If permits are acquired the statue will be built by Torfunefsbryggja harbour, which is where Tintin seems to have landed in the book, according to Hergé’s surprisingly accurate drawings of the area.

Thief Tracked by Footprints in the Snow


On the subject of Akureyri, there was a theft in a local shop there this week. The thief threatened the shopkeepers and stole an insubstantial amount of money.

The criminal escaped on foot but the weather worked against him. Thanks to the heavy snowfall and swift response of the police they were able to easily follow and apprehend him by tracking his footprints. The thief didn’t resist arrest and the matter was resolved without anyone getting hurt.

Reckless Tourists at Reynisfjara Beach

It seems that the tourists in the above video didn’t read our article about Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach this week thoroughly enough. They set up a tripod at the edge of the water to shoot photos of the powerful and very, very dangerous waves.

The video was shot by Petra Albrecht, a bus driver who says she often sees reckless behaviour at the beach. People seem to disregard the warnings posted on the beach even though there have been many casualties on Reynisfjara and neighbouring beaches. We ask you to exhibit caution when visiting Iceland’s beautiful coastline, a pretty picture is not worth risking your life.