Guide to Iceland Now is looking to hear the very best travel tips from our loyal visitors. So what’s your best advice when it comes to travelling to the land of ice and fire?  

When it comes to travel, all of us have our own tricks, tips and shortcuts to make our experience abroad simple and stress-free.

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Whether it’s a specific way to pack your clothing, a secret spot to store your passport or a trusted mobile application, a holiday in Iceland is the perfect opportunity to prove yourself an organised and forward-thinking traveller.

Here are a few useful tips to get you started:

Pack Luggage Correctly; store clothing items and towels in the most efficient method possible by rolling rather than folding. This way, you can maximise space, thus allowing you to pack more items, if needed.

Stay Ahead of the Weather: by checking the weather on each morning of your holiday, you will be able to better prepare for the activities, attractions and road conditions later in the day. This is important when it comes to deciding what to wear, what time to head out and whether you should rent a car or take a guided tour.

Bring Extra Camera Batteries: there is nothing worse than being smack bang in the middle of Iceland’s staggering countryside, your camera primed to photograph a waterfall, glacier or black sand beach, only to realise you have run out of batteries. Make sure this does not happen by ensuring you bring extra power.

Drink Tap Water: Iceland’s water is not only perfectly drinkable but delicious and refreshing. Buying bottled water is not only expensive and needless but also damages the natural environment.

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