According to the latest Aurora Forecast, those travelling in north of Iceland on Thursday night will have an excellent chance of spotting the Northern Lights, one of the country’s most spectacular natural attractions.

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The solar activity scale for the north and east regions of the country is set at moderate, meaning little to no cloud cover.

While this is a typical designation on clear nights, visitors are still advised to head away from areas of light pollution to better their chance of seeing this dazzling natural phenomenon. For instance, the countryside surrounding Akureyri or the dark volcanic fields of Lake Mývatn both make for fantastic viewing destinations.

Northern Lights over Iceland. Unfortunately, those staying in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, or along the South Coast will likely experience cloudy skies tonight. Of course, given the unpredictability of nature, there is always a chance the forecasts may be incorrect, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the skies.

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However, if you’re still hoping to experience this wonder of nature, why not head down to Perlan Museum and Planetarium in Reykjavík?

As one of the most technically advanced planetariums in the world, Perlan offers a fantastic opportunity to encounter the Northern Lights through an educational virtual reality experience.

Combining nature, science and art, this 8K panoramic show will take you on a journey through space and time like you have never imagined.

If you happen to spot the Northern Lights during your travels around Iceland’s north on Thursday night, make sure to send in your photographs to the Guide to Iceland Feature Group for your chance to be showcased in a future article. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the facebook comments box below.