In the opening shot of the new teaser trailer for Walt Disney’s Frozen 2, audiences are privy to a shoreline that appears to be directly inspired by the South Coast’s Reynisfjara black sand beach.

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In the trailer, Frozen’s heroine, Elsa, is seen surveying the ocean’s tumbling waves from the shore. Within moments, she has taken off her shoes and shawl and began to run into the sea, her powers allowing her to move atop and conquer the water beneath.

Unfortunately, this precise behaviour—i.e, entering the ocean—is exactly what visitors are warned against when visiting Reynisfjara. The beach itself is located beside Vík í Mýrdal village on Iceland’s South Coast.

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Those who regularly read Guide to Iceland will be aware that Reynisfjara is infamous as one of Iceland’s more dangerous beaches, despite its popularity as a sightseeing destination.

As signs on the beach clearly inform, the area is known for strong undercurrents and powerful, unpredictable sneaker waves, capable of rushing up the sands and placing anyone too close in immediate danger of being swept away.

Nowhere are these hazards better displayed than in the videos included in our article A Tourist Rescued at Reynisfjara Beach.

The similarities between the animated beach and Reynisfjara are seemingly endless; the jet black sand, hexagonal columns of basalt and what appears to be the ominous rock stacks, Reynisdrangar.

The similarities between the beaches are seemingly endless.

Credit: Youtube.

While Frozen 2 is not scheduled for release until November 22nd of this year, some in Iceland’s tourism industry are concerned that the teaser trail will encourage reckless behaviour from visitors.

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So, in short, we’re telling you to abandon the notions of similarities between Reynisfjara and the beach from Frozen 2. We’re asking you, politely, to let it go, let it go…

Credit: Frozen Facebook.

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