Iceland celebrates many things; women’s day, men’s day, the shortest and longest days of the year, but did you know Iceland also celebrates beer? Yes, you read that correctly, the city of Reykjavík has a beer festival!

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The Annual Icelandic Beer festival will begin on Thursday the 21st of February and promises to be the biggest one yet.

The festival is now in its eighth year, will take place at Kex Hostel and is a celebration of one of the nations favourite beverages.

The Icelandic love affair with beer is strong and filled with history. Some could even say that this story involved a long distance relationship. One that spanned 74 years.

In 1915 prohibition was instated in Iceland. The ban was initially on all alcohol. In 1922 the ban was lifted on wine. By 1935 it was relaxed to allow all alcoholic beverages except beer.

On March 1st 1989, the beer ban was finally lifted and the day has been celebrated ever since. Often bars stay open till the early hours of the morning to accommodate this. To this day, beer continues to be the most popular alcoholic beverage in Iceland.  

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Two pints of beer

Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons

This year marks 30 years of freedom to indulge in the barley and hops infused, amber nectar of the gods, so the 2019 beer festival is going to be massive.

The three days will bring together some of the worlds best craft breweries as well as the finest Iceland has to offer.

Passes for the entire three-day festival are available on the official website. The beer floodgates will open at Kex Hostel at 5pm on Thursday.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in Iceland during the beer festival, you can at least read about Icelandic beers, so check in with us over the next few days as we will be reviewing some delicious brews.