Valentine’s day is over, and the weather is getting wet, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors binging Netflix. Sure, there are some quality shows streaming at the moment, but awesome things are happening around the city this week. So press pause, grab your coat and get out on the town.  

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Monday 18th February

Miami Open Ping Pong Tournament, 8:00pm Miami Bar, Hverfisgata 33, Free.  

Credit: Miami Reykjavík Facebook

Come down to the only bar in Reykjavík that looks like it was sucked directly from the ’80s. Beneath the neon lights and signature cocktails of Miami bar lies a professional size ping pong table that will be the site of an all-out tournament. The competition is open to anyone wanting to test their skills. The winner will be awarded a secret prize. Come dressed in your finest threads, because there’s also a treat for the best-dressed guest.

Tuesday 19th February

Funniest Four Comedy Show, 9:00pm, The Secret Cellar Lækjargata 6,  Free.

Credit: Secret Cellar Facebook

Reykjavík’s only dedicated comedy bar, The Secret Cellar, hosts an evening of stand up comedy. Funniest Four features some of the most popular regular comedians of this venue. The gig is free, and there’s a bar.

Wednesday 20th February

Party Karaoke with Þórunn Antonia and DJ Dora, 10:00pm Sæta Svínið,  Hafnarstræti, Free.

Credit: Sæta Svínið Facebook

Get through hump day evening by letting your inner diva fly. Þórunn Antonia and DJ Dóra have become well known for fun karaoke nights at Sæta Svínið. Perhaps you like a bit of gangsta’s paradise; maybe you want to get on that midnight train to Georgia, either way, get in early to make sure you have a seat and a place on the request list. This night is popular.

Thursday 21st February  

Soffía Ósk Concert, 8:00pm Bragginn Bistro, Nauthólsvegur 100, Free.

Credit: Soffía Ósk Facebook

Up and coming Icelandic musician Soffía Ósk released her debut album ‘In Two’ last December. It was a project compiled of two EP’s recorded four years apart. Soffía will perform songs from the album alongside her band which consists of; Arianna Ferro, Guðrún Hulda Pálsdóttir and Yara Polana. Armed with her ukulele Soffía will explore travel, revolutions and love through her upbeat pop songs. Bragginn Bistro also has a fantastic menu, so make a night of it.

Friday 22nd February

Can’t think just feel ‘For the Love and Woe of it,’ 8:20 pm Loft, Bankastræti 7, Free.

Credit: Loft Facebook

Can’t think Just Feel is a concert series at Loft Hostel curated by MSEA. This time around the title of the evening is ‘For the love and woe of it.’ This is intended to be a post Valentines day sway. You are encouraged to bring your loved ones or lack thereof and bob along to three Icelandic bands. The acts for this evening are KRÍA, Bagdad Brothers and Andy Svarthol.

Saturday 23rd February

InZeros, Mighty Bear and Skaði, 9:00pm, Gaukurinn, Tryggvagata 22, Free.

Credit: Mighty Bear Facebook

This is a one night only extravaganza featuring three boundary-pushing acts from Iceland. InZeros is a visual hard rock band with catchy choruses. They have supported some of the biggest names in Icelandic music and will soon release an EP. Mighty Bear is a beautiful, dark creature; a cross-pollination of abstract electronic pop and drag. Skaði Þórðadóttir is a glittercore being, known for her live performances. She’s got a reputation for agitating the crowd and challenging the status quo.

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Sunday 24th February

Svartir Sunnudagar: Hard Candy, 8:00pm,  Bíó Paradís Tickets, 1.600kr.

Reykjavík’s arthouse cinema celebrates amazing films every Sunday. This week’s masterpiece is Hard Candy. The film which arguably kick-started the career of Ellen Page follows a fourteen-year-old girl as she lures a predator into becoming prey.