Australian born, London based musician Steve Kopandy chose Iceland as the backdrop for his video for the song Avalanche. Kopandy says that shooting a video in Iceland was a dream come true for him. You can see the video below to admire both Iceland’s scenery and Steve’s songwriting.

Avalanche seems an appropriate title for a music video shot in Iceland seeing as over 30 avalanches have happened in Iceland in the month of February alone, luckily no one has been hurt.

Unlike those real-life avalanches, the avalanche Kopandy sings about in his music video is a metaphorical one. The song is about feeling overwhelmed by the piling up of burdens and worries, a feeling most people recognize. Ultimately, the message of the song is to live in the moment rather than get buried in the avalanche.

The song is from an EP named Open and open spaces is exactly what’s captured in this music video. In the video, Steve Kopandy runs alone through some of Iceland’s most gorgeous locations. The video also includes a few beautiful drone shots, showcasing Iceland’s sublime natural wonders.

The video was directed by Frank Niewenhuis who wanted to shoot in a remote location to emphasise a feeling of loneliness and desperation. At the end of the video, we even see Steve walking into the sea, which in Iceland is basically synonymous with suicide.

The video opens with shots of Steve sprinting on the Reykjanes Peninsula. This is not too far from the capital city Reykjavík, and yet we get the feeling that he is completely alone as he bolts towards nothing.

We then see Steve run past Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the South Coast before we see him running across a bridge outside the town of Selfoss.


A still from the video. Photo: Steve Kopandy facebook.

Steve has already dropped his hat and at Reykjanes’ Kleifarvatn Lake, he loses his jacket too. He then slips and falls running uphill, a good reminder for visitors to be careful in the Icelandic wilderness. Steve continues to be a warning to guests when he jumps into the ice cold water of a river close to Skógafoss waterfall.

The shot at the end, where Steve walks and finally tumbles into the sea, is shot in Reykjavík, with ducks paddling nearby. Going into the sea in Iceland can be very dangerous but also very fun, for example, if you are used to swimming in the sea or surfing.

Iceland was certainly the right choice as a shooting location for this song, the spectacular, harsh landscapes are the perfect backdrop for the emotional and literal struggle of the man running from his problems, struggling to stay in the moment. We wish Steve all the best and hope he didn’t get too winded by all that running.