This week was Valentine’s day and some may have felt like their heart stopped when they saw the love of their lives, but the news cycle does not stop. This week the news is all about Swedish celebrities and rescued animals.

PewDiePie Returns to Iceland

The Swedish Youtube celebrity Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, and his fiancée Marzia Bisognin spent Valentine’s day in Iceland. PewDiePie is controversial but his channel remains the most subscribed to channel on Youtube. Felix and Marzia are accompanied by another couple, fellow YouTuber PJ Liguori and filmmaker Sophie Newton.

This is not the first time PewDiePie and Marzia have visited Iceland. As you can see in the above vlog from 2017 Felix and Marzia came to Iceland to celebrate their 6 year anniversary. They clearly think of Iceland as a romantic destination since they chose to return to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Firefighters Rescue a Cat


Cats love climbing up but struggle with down. Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez.

In our most clichéd news piece this week, a cat got stuck up a tree. The poor kitty was too afraid to climb down from a tree in the Breiðholt suburb of Reykjavík and thus spent hours up there. The fire brigade was called to assist the trapped feline. All is well that ends well and the cat got home safe.

Noomi Rapace to Star in Icelandic Film


Rapace speaking at Comic Con. Photo: Flickr, Gage Skidmore.

Another Swedish celebrity is set to come to Iceland to film a new movie. Noomi Rapace, best known for her portrayal of the girl with the dragon tattoo in the Swedish version of the Millennium Trilogy.

The film is an Icelandic production directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson. The name of the film is Dýrð in Icelandic but Lamb in English, it is written by the director and Icelandic author Sjón.

This is far from being Rapace’s first time in Iceland, she lived in Flúðir for three years as a child and speaks fluent Icelandic. So you could say that she’s returning home to take on this role.

The film is a supernatural drama about a couple who discover a newborn half-lamb, half-human on their farm.

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A Man Saves an Eagle


A White-tailed Eagle in flight. Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Yathin S Krishnappa.

A man was walking his dogs in Krossvík bay when he saw an eagle in trouble. The eagle was unable to fly because his feathers were covered in fat from the whale carcass he had been feasting on. This can be very dangerous for these majestic birds so the man captured the eagle and brought it home.

This particular eagle is a white-tailed eagle who had been tagged when he was young. therefore, we know it is a 17-year-old male. The bird has now been handed to the Icelandic Institute of Natural History who is better equipped to help him recover.

Miley Cyrus Owns an Icelandic Knit Jumper


Fancy a french kiss? Photo: Ýrurari instagram.

Icelandic Instagram knitting sensation Ýrurari has sold jumpers to several celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and Erykah Badu. The jumper bought by Miley is one Ýrurari calls Sleikur which is the Icelandic word for a snog. The jumper has lots of knitted mouths with tongues sticking out of them. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Miley sporting the snog jumper in public.

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