Yesterday was Valentine’s day so love is in they air, or drifting over waters as the Icelandic saying goes (Ástin svífur yfir vötnum). The end of ‘love-day’ does not mean the end of romance. You should do something nice for your special someone every day, for example, playing them a playlist of Icelandic Love songs!

We’ve put together exactly such a playlist for you to enjoy with your partner or by yourself with a pint of ice cream, we don’t judge. This playlist is packed with golden oldies and padded with newer favourites.

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The king of Icelandic ballads is Björgvin Halldórsson and we’ve put one of his most famous songs on this list. If it sounds familiar it’s because it’s the song ‘Don’t Walk Away Renee’ but with Icelandic lyrics. The Icelandic lyrics state that “Even though a year and an age pass, my love is always intended for you”. The ultimate ‘unconditional love’ love-song. Also, the perfect song to yell-sing along to.

Many love songs name the object of the writer’s affection but only one such song has made it on to this list. ‘Álfheiður Björk’ is a fist-pumping power ballad for the ages where singers Björn Jörundur and Eyjólfur Kristjánsson sing a pleading ode to a woman named Álfheiður Björk, asking her not to fall for the other man who loves her. The song is mostly about how the rival is a rude drunk, but it still counts as romantic because of how many times the chorus says I love you to Álfheiður.

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Not all love songs are created equal, some are soulful ballads, others are dancefloor filling pop hits. Páll Óskar’s ‘Allt fyrir ástina’ (English: Anything for love) is a love tune only the pop prince of Iceland could deliver. The music moves your feet and the lyrics move your heart. He sings that “no matter what life throws at me, I say: out with the hatred, in with the love” and that’s a beautiful message.

Elly Vilhjálms crooned many a romantic song in her career. According to some, her most romantic song is ‘Ég veit þú kemur’ (I know you’ll come) but is the song really romantic? The way she sings it, yes. But the song was written about the friendship of the songwriter and the lyricist. Platonic love is love too, guys. 

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Even people who aren’t romantic have to admit that these songs are excellent. Listen to these love songs and then tell the people you love that you love them. You could even tell them in Icelandic: Ég elska þig.